S1.11 - Main Story Entry - "Your Twi'lek is in another palace" - Part A
In which Zachary bows out

Dear logbook,

Today was a shit day. A real fuckstorm of a day. Oh, and I quit. Had enough, it was always out of the frying pan and into the fire, time and time again. So I'm officialy unemployed again, on the run from Teemo and going who knows where.

But you don't care about that, right, you're just here to hear the stories, to watch misery unfold. Hah, strap yourselves in, have I got the tale for you. I even managed to get the parts I wasn't involved in. Who knew that Nahossa's comm-link was turned on all the time…

So, starting where I left off. With the big ship hanging over us. Long story short, we panick jumped. And after that, tired of the commotion, I just found a place to sleep. Between two crates in the hold, cozy.

And then I wake up, and we're on Mos Shuuta, alone in the ship, commlink blaring in my ear. Shit, shouldn't have binged on that Blue Milk I found stashed away between the crates. I tuned into the chatter.

Well, fuck, apparently Kopec had gotten himself captured by Trex. And Lainaki and Nahossa ran. Can't blame them. They also split in completly different directions and still managed to end up together. Ah well.

So, we decide to meet up at one of my old haunts, and start to discuss a possible rescue plan. Well, to be honest, we discuss whether we even want to rescue him first. All in favour, reluctantly, the bastard is damn useful sometimes, for all the trouble he brings. And he did safe my life. Once. What's the stand there? 1-4, 1-5? Who cares anyway, I was getting paid for that. Well, at least I was promised pay for that. Until the Wookie pelts ofc >.>

So, the plan is relatively simple, which I like, but relies on bluffing our way past Teemo's guards, which I don't like. Lainaki buys a couple of disguises, and transforms herself into Mistress Spacerunner, a purveyor of Gladatorial meat. Nahossa dresses up as a manservant and yours truly takes on the alter-ego I had taught left behind:

"The Hand That Smashes"

groans Why did I ever come up with that >.<


So, while we were playing dress-up in the sreets of Mos Shuuta, Kopec was thrown into Teemo's gladatorial cells. There, he met several intersting personae who I'm sure all have an interesting backstory. But I only heard about the wookie. And the smuggler Pash, but he wasn't there yet.

Kopec gets all buddy-buddy with the wookie, before some guards come in and drag him out. Into the arena. There, het met our old buddy Teemo. And Trex. Mostly Trex.

Well, mostly Trex's claws.


Suprisingly enough, our disguises were good enough to get us past the two main doors and into the reception area. A sullen and bored lady at the counter listened to our introduction and told us to wait. In order to not blow our cover, as it seemed to work, we decided not to violently escalate.


Kopec wakes up, bruised and hurt in his cell. Someone has treated his wounds


In the room with us, there was a nervous wreck of a man. Nahossa went to talk with him, and figured out he was a smuggler named Pash, who lost some of the Hutt's cargo. He's been waiting for over hours now.
A Rodian doctor entered throught the front gate.
Fuck, that was Teel, dressed all fancy for doing business.
I do some quick hand-singaling in the old battle cant, and he seemed surprised. And intrigued.
Probably should not have done that, we didn't exactly part on friendly terms.
Lainaki, for some reason, decided to talk to him. He managed to convince her to let me remove my helmet, revealing my identity

The old codger merely smirked, and spouted some lines about how I'm going to get what's coming for me. Ah well, twas worth a try.

And then the receptionist called in Pash, leaving us to our waiting again.


Kopec was dragged into the arena again. Pleading for his life and use with Teemo granted little reprieve, as the Kubaz jumped into the circle of sand, to break his barely mended bones and flay his freshly bandaged skin. Unconscious again, he was dragged back towards the cells.


During the long lull of boredom, we hatched a rough plan to knock out the receptionist, and blitz through towards the cells, scooping up data along the way, based on our prior knowledge of Teemo's palace. However, fate intervened, and just as we we're about to enact this foolish display of bravery, it opened the doors to even more idiotic opportunities: the receptionist called for us to enter. Teemo was ready to receive us.

And so we walked, across the glass hallway filled with art of the slug. The mistress in front, me and Nahossa slightly behind her. Past the great doors that led into the arena/throne room. And so we presented ourselve to the Crimelord in his own den, surrounded by all manour of fine folk who wanted our hides. And as soon as Lainaki appeared in front of his fatness, you could see the slight astonishment, followed by a sadistic twinkle in his heavily-lidden eyes. Puffing from his pipe, his grossness was toying with us, suggesting to our spokeswoman that  she should put her gladiator in the ring, to test his mettle.

I obliged and jumped down, chills running through my spine, cursing my luck, cursing my incompetence, cursing my decision to join up with this band, cursing my decision to try and save the damn Twi'lek. Yes the bastard saved my life, but I've saved his twice-over by now, feck , feck, feck. 

At this point, I considered the mission a failure, we had been trapped in the den of the beast, our objective nowhere in sight. And nowhere to run, the arena only had one entrance. Or at least, nowhere to run right now. I had one shaved knuckle in a hole left. They hadn't bothered to search me for weapons, scarcely clad as I was, and my blaster was still in reach…

The heavy doors opened, and I had scarcely a moment to register I was supposed to fight a Content Not Found: Lowhhrick, before my gun was in my hand, blaster bolts blazing, and I was legging it past the guards. I could hear chaos erupt behind me, a shrill cry that sounded like it could be a human woman's. I shouted at the wookie to fight, hoping he was here against his will as well. Adrenaline couring through my veins, legs pumping, I raced across the hallway and into the cargo bay. Nahossa had followed me. Lainaki had not. The Bothan blasted the door controls, causing it to slam shut. Clever, I gave the side entrance the same treatment.

With a moment to catch our breath, Teemo's thugs banging at the closed doors, we quickly distributed tasks, trying to salvage this doomed enterprise as best as possible. Nahossa would search the warehouse and I would enter the comms chamber and see if I could find incriminating evidence. And find it I did, after tripping over the cyber-security and locking myself out of the palace's systems of course. Because I just can't have something good happen without strings being attached. I met back up with Nahossa, who found some medical aids and weapons in the lockers. With the front entrance being locked down for us, there was only one way to go: the landing pad, and hope that someone left something for us to drive there, Grand Theft Tatooine style.

And lo and behold, the fat sausage had parked his luxury yacht there. And only a single guard manning the Laser turret. I vented some of my frustration on the guard. I'm sure he'll appreciate the facial remodeling, couldn't have made him uglier in any case. 

Nerve-wracking seconds passed as we tried to get the bulky vessel running. I punched the red button, straining the boat to its breaking point as the engines groaned and huffed. But we were off the port, and into the sand-wastes.

By that time I had made my decision. Even if I survived this ordeal, my time with this band of entrepreneurs was finished. Nahossa went to sleep and I wipped up a link to Annata. We bargained, and I secured myself a ride of planet in exchange for hard evidence that Teemo was building a droid army. At first, I was hesitant to send it over fully, seeing if I could rig up a dead man's switch. But I was tired of all this Bantha drek, and in the end I just wired over everything. Yeah, I was fucked if Annata decided to screw with me, but I was way past the point of caring, exhaustion catching up with me.

It took us several more hours before we arrived at the hive of scum and villainy, and the poor boat was strained beyond reason, she might not ever fly again. I maneauvred above the nearest junkyard and rappeled down, ditching the cruise-speeder then and there. I called up Annata and got my hangar and just went aboard, done with everything. It was only when we flew to orbit that I noticed Nahossa hadn't followed me…

His decision I guess, he was the boss after all. But not my boss anymore…

S1.11 - Main Story Entry - "Your Twi'lek is in another palace" - Part B
Kopec - Date unknown, Tatooine - Ryloth

A little while later Teemo’s thugs came back to the gladiator quarters, dragging my neighbour along with them and throwing him back into the cell left of mine. To my utmost surprise one of the gamorreans also had a human female thrown over his shoulder and as they passed by I was shocked and saddened to see that it was Lainaki that he was carrying. She got thrown into the cell right of me. My attempts at communicating with either of them were to no avail as I would later hear that apparently several gamorreans had jumped the wookie after he knocked one of them out in the Arena and Lainaki had been hit by Teemo’s personal blaster.

Eventually though they both woke up and I asked Lainaki how the hell she got herself thrown in here beside me. Apparently, they had gotten away from Trex but had decided to get themselves into the palace to help me escape with a ruse about Zachary wanting to fight in the pit. For a brief moment even I thought that it had been Zachary who beat up my hairy comrade, but Lainaki quickly explained that that hadn’t been the case. Either way, the situation was pretty dire. I remember saying to Lainaki: “While I’m glad to see another friendly face, I must say that I never wanted you inhere my friend. Our hosts aren’t the friendliest bunch”. I showed her my broken and bruised for arms through the bars of my cell and she replied: “I promise I will get you out of here Kopec, we will get away”. She didn’t seem convinced, but at least they hadn’t broken her spirit like they broke my body. A little while later we both retired to our bunks and tried to get some sleep. That night was the roughest one yet. The drugs had left my system and my body felt like it was tearing itself apart, I could hardly move, lost feeling in my right leg, and my face felt like it would burn right through my skull. I remember not being sure whether I even had a left eye anymore. I passed in and out of consciousness, falling through darkness, seeing the faces of my tribesman screaming, and hearing the laughter of the people around the arena…

When I woke up, I checked up on my furry friend who eventually told me he name was Lowhhrick. Apparently neither Zachary or Nahossa had been brought in during the night, so they were either dead or they had escaped. I consulted with Lainaki over the next few hours in between the ‘patrols’ of the fat guard who kep shouting we should keep it down. Lainaki seemed to think that our comrades might have gotten away with some valuable intel for Annata, seeing as they must have left through the workshop (?) room, if they had gotten away in time. Lowhhrick was interested as ever in escaping and it was then that I first heard another voice in the cells: “I WANT TO COME TO!!!”. Apparently the human they brought in a bit earlier was a fella named Pash, and Lainaki had already met him the day before. We all agreed to work together when the time came, well, all except for the scum at the beginning of the hall. The Twi’lek who I had seen the days before wasn’t keen on escaping and called us all sort of names. He’d rather fuck my mother apparently than escape with us.

It was later that day when the attack happened. It all started with a big explosion which caused the entire compound to shutter on its foundation, followed with smaller explosions and the sound of gunfire closing in on our cells. At a certain point the fat guard came running through the courier only to hit the deck with a giant hole burned through his chest. I hit back in my cell, but Lainaki shouted at our unknown saviors: “Please! Please sir, release us. We will fight with you!!”. A giant armored figure (who I would later hear, was the Mandalorion, one of the most notorious bounty hunters in the outer rim) passed my cell, pausing at Lainaki’s cell and threw her the keys. Lainaki freed me and Lowhhrick, and we picked up Pash along the way. The Twi’lek didn’t seem the least bit interested in being released and threw every insult he could find our way while we left the cells. Making our way over to the workshop we encountered a giant hole where the thick metal door used to be. Inside we found our gear, along with a completely smashed workshop. The only thing still intact was the service droid who I recognized as the droid who patched me up after the two fights. Lainaki noticed a restraining bolt on the droid and after removing it, the droid seemed to ‘awake’ from a slumber. His name was 41-VEX and he had been in the service of Teemo for as long as he could remember; I offered him to join us while we made our way out of the city to our ship and he complied. In the meanwhile Lainaki had checked the other crates for valuables and our new wookie friend had found himself a Vibro axe and blaster pistol.

As we entered the great hall and made our way to the front gate I expected to see a battlefield, but what we encountered was more akin of a slaughter. Teemo’s men hadn’t stand a chance against the fire power that came through here. Amongst the bodies of Teemo’s thugs we saw several few other men bearing the mark of Jabba. It was then we realized that Zachary and Nahossa had succeeded in handing over the correct intel to Annata, who in his turn had kept his word. Jabba had learned from Teemo’s power play and had moved fast and hard to crush any sign of defiance. Looking out over the city of Mos Shuuta, we did however see a city engulfed in conflict. Blaster fire came from everywhere and the 5 of us decided to use the ally ways in order to avoid confrontation. Lainaki and Pash walked in on several of Teemo’s men however which let to them being chased for several blocks. Me, Lowhhrick and Vex had been able to stay out of trouble and we decided to go straight towards landing bay Arrek, hoping to fiend our friends there. Arriving at the landing bay we found an exhausted Pash and Lainaki, who pointed at the ship with a smile on her face. The Lucky Guess was still there and  as she looked around she said :“lets hope there are no droids around this time éh Kopec”.

At that point I heard Nahossa’s voice coming out of my pocket. I pulled my coms out of them, a little surprised they still worked, and put them on. “Kopec, Lainaki, come in! Kopec, Laina”. “Yes, Nahossa, is that you? You’re alive?!” I replied. I had never been so happy to hear our Botan friends voice. “Hell yeah I’m alive, even more so, I’m in the gladiator cells of Teemo with a squad of Jabba’s men, where the hell are you two?!”. “Well I’ll be damned, Ik, you and Zachary really came through. Me and Lanaiki and a couple of other prisoners are actually already at the Lucky guess… well euh, waiting for you guys! Where is Zachary btw, is he on coms?”.

He wasn’t on coms, he wasn’t even still on the planet, I later learned. Zachary and Nahossa had made it to Mos Eisley and had given Annata all the information he needed to proof to Jabba that Teemo was building a droid army in secret. In return Zachary had gotten a cabin, no questions asked, on a container ship leaving the system and Nahossa had received a hideout in the city. Zachary’s final words to Nahossa were apparently: “I hope you find your friends safe and sound, but I’m not getting paid nearly enough to keep risking my neck for a bunch of psycho’s. I honestly hope I don’t see any of you ever again. Farewell.” Nahossa on the other hand didn’t make his way to the appointed safe house and instead contacted Annata again to arrange a spot for him back to Mosh Shuuta. Annata was apparently in an incredibly good mood, after the information on Teemo had made him the rishest shadow broker in this part of the galaxy, and provided him a spot on a speeder back to Mosh Shuta.

On the speeder Nahossa had gathered the attention of most of the thugs, telling them that he knew the Teemo’s palace. Apparently, the hired guns were more interested in filling their pockets than in carrying out Jabba’s orders. After landing at the palace they had made their way to the Throne room where they found the Mandalorian standing on top of Teemo’s corps unloading his weapon into the hutt’s skull. The thugs quickly swarmed the surrounding rooms and quarters in the hope of finding some nice loot. Two thugs stayed with Nahossa and together they found a strongbox, which they agreed to open later out of sight of the others. While searching the cells for me and Lainaki, Nahossa contacted our coms when he didn’t find our lifeless corpses inside our open cells. After contacting us he made his way out of the palace opening the strongbox with his partners in crime. Inside they found 10.000 credits which they split fair and square; knowing good and well that any trickery by one of them would cause the other two to notify the other thugs. He bit the thugs farewell who went back to looting and made his way to the landing bay, while making a giant detour around the city.

Lowhhrick and Vex both joined us on the lucky guess as Pash eagerly took up the position of co-pilote, following the suggestion by Lainaki. In the meanwhile Nahossa asked Annata to notify Teemo’s men not to shoot at the Lucky Guess as we left the airport. We left Mosh Shuta airspace without any issues and as we looked down we saw the ruins of what had been our home for a considerable time. After that I made my way over to Lowhhrick who had taken up a spot in the container room. I thanked him for his help escaping and handed him my last stim pack I had found among my things. He initially refused, pointing to the incredibly sorry state I found myself in but I assured him that I would need quite a lot more than just a stimpack very shortly, while I gestured to my messed up face and leg. I continued by asking where he would like for us to drop him off, now that he was once again a free Wooky, assuring him that any bounty set by Teemo would be forfeit. It was at that point that Lowhhrick looked me straight into the eye as proclaimed: “I would have died in that place. You said you would get me out, and you did. I owe you my life and I will not rest until that debt  is repaid.” I was stunned, shocked… and to my own surprise speechless. I oppose slavery with all that I am, but as the same time I understood that this was something different. A life debt is a secret tradition and I would not be the one to bring dishonour to my newly found friend by refusing his service. I would spend the next few hours along my new friend, getting to know him and where he came from. Apparently, his sister and nephew were killed when a Trandoshain raiding party passed by their village a few years ago (?) and he had been sold into slavery to life and fight as a Gladiator. He became very proficient in the art of killing others and as his popularity rose, he was eventually sold to Teemo, where he had been fighting for Teemo’s enjoyment the months before we arrived.

In the meanwhile, we had entered hyperspace and Lainaki informed me that we were traveling to Ryloth and that she had had the time to get to know her co-pilote. Pash turned out to be the self-proclaimed ‘luckiest fella in the entire galaxy’. [Background story need to be written out exactly based on Jonas's notes – Grifting job – hard labour in mines – pirates – imperials kill pirates – Herrichin lets Pash go ]. Our third new companion, 41-Vex, was a medical droid who initially did not care whether we drop him of or let him stay. He only wanted to hone his skill in medicine. After a short discussion, he commented that he could learn a great deal simply from looking at my messed-up face, potentially missing eye and crushed leg. So he decided to stick around for a while. Before arriving at Ryloth we contacted Ota to inform him that the deed was done. The only problem was that after he heared that Teemo had been taken care off he hung up and even disconnected his ‘number’. Apparently the Bothan had no intention of honouring his side of the deal.

When we returned to Ryloth we were pleased to see that there was no imperial star destroyer waiting for us. We were able to land without any problems, and as we entered the city to stock up on supplies, Pash made a hard turn at the first bar we encountered, shouting something along the lines of: “off to get shitfaces fellas, please don’t forget me before you leave. I’ve got a feeling that as long as I stick around you guys, I’m gonne continue getting lucky”. Vex preferred staying on the ship, where he would try and set up a sterile environment as he was apparently very excited about ‘dealing with my face and eye situation’.  In Nabath we first made our way to the safe house in order to inform Nin and B'ura B'an that we would have to lay low for a while, and so that we wouldn’t be able to take them up on their offer to smuggle ryll from New Meen. B'ura B'an answered to door and he was equally surprised as confused when we showed up. “I see that you’ve traded in that foul mouthed no good human for some actual muscle?” as he looked at Lowhhrick. We discussed the matters at hand, and both Nin and B'ura B'an understood our situation. When I asked about New Meen I heard that the town was slowly becoming an actual low level stronghold and that no other thugs had even dared to venture near the town or attack their shipments of ryll.

In addition to informing Nin and B'ura B'an that we would be laying low for a while we asked about a rumour, that we had discussed on our way over to Ryloth. The story of the ghost treasure ship, a last remaining ship from a separatist fleet that is told to carry treasure beyond belief. Nin and B'ura B'an knew nothing about it. Nor could they inform us on the location of the Imperial Star destroyer Dark Rose, another thing that had been on our mind after leaving Tatooïne. They did however offer to restock our ship with supplies as token of their appreciation for permanently dealing with the Teemo situation. In addition they promised to keep an eye out for our friend Trex and assured us that if he would ever set foot in Nabath, he would not leave the city alive. As we left I made sure to follow the ancient Twi’lekian customs that are appropriate when saying goodbye to tribesmen before periods of long absence.

Back in the inner city Lainaki gathered information on the separatist ship any way she could. Later on the ship she told us of this old Twi’lek who kept talking in riddles only to scam her out of 5 credits, but who did give her the name of the ship: “Sa Nalaor”. She then used this name to call upon one of the contacts we met at the Duke’s party a few days earlier. [Info from Jonas … ] In the meanwhile I, Lowhhrick and Nahossa made our way to the market place where we traded in a blaster pistol with 600 extra credits for a heavy blaster. A terrible deal in my opinion, but in all fairness, me and Nahossa constantly interrupting eachother didn’t aid our bargaining position. On our way to the ship, I left a brief note on the notice board addressing the collective that thanks to Kopec's efforts droid 41-VEX was now free. We all met up at the ship, where we went looking for Pash. When we entered the bar we encountered a very happy Pash who couldn’t wait to join us “ON THE HUNT FOR THE GHOST TREASHURE SHIP”………. Yeaaahh, well. I convinced Nahossa to let Pash pick out a bottle of the best liquor so we could celebrate later on the ship.

Back on the lucky guess, we each enjoyed a lucky Martini. Which turned out to be a martini, with a parasol on top!

S1.10 - Main Story Entry - "Return to Mos Shuuta" - Part 2 - The Cleanup
Ik - Date unknown, outer space - Tatooine

Na'Hosa stared through the escape bay window as the pod drifted away into the void. He felt a breeze of air as Lainaki rushed back to the control room.

Ah, yes, the plan. The master plan is that Lainaki records a message, specifying the current location and stating that she left a little present for her starcrossed lover. As soon as Admiral Tenebris sends some guys over to collect the present, they'll bring the old ship crew to her destroyer. Orpa and her brother can (truthfully) claim that they were not in control when the ship went into hyperspace, saving them from living their lifes hiding from the Empire.

Na'Hosa sighed. He didn't like this plan at all. What happened to Orpa and her brother was unfortunate, but sending two people with a perfect descripion of our team and our destination to an obsessed ex-girlfriend of Lainaki is a terrible idea. Orpa and her brother will hate us anyway, saving them will only result in two more people trying to track down our team. It would be wiser to abandon them, but Na'Hosa knew that Kopec nor Lainaki would ever agree to such a proposal. Their feelings of pity and regret, their conscience is their weakness.

When Ik entered the control room, Lainaki had finished a recording. She had tried to broadcast the message to the destroyer that beared her name and apparently, despite the long range, the broadcast went down very well. Unfortunate.

Na'Hosa listened to the recording. '[See uploaded fragment S1.10-B]' It sent shivers down his spine. Tenebris will know how close her old girlfriend is and hunt us down.

Kopec took the transmitter Ota had given and pressed the connect button. The waiting tone went over.
Ota took the call: 'Yes. Have you completed your mission?'
Kopec responded: 'We have a message that needs to be delivered to the star destroyer that is just outside of the atmosphere of Geonosis. Can you arrange this?'
It turned out that Ota could arringe this. Kopec transmitted the message and the call ended.

'Allright, time to plan our journey to Tatooine', Lainaki said. She moved to the hyperspace route planner and started working her magic. The results were impressive: she managed to come up with a tour that lets us arrive on Tatooine precisely in time for the deal.

The team started to discuss their strategy to obtain incriminating evidence on Teemo. Based on their earlier work experience with Teemo, they could draw the following map and description of the building:


There are usually two Gomorrean guards at the main entrance and two additional guards at the second doorway. Then there is a reception room, where people with varying affections for Teemo can be found, waiting to enter the main part of the palace.

Another interesting area is the gladiator cell block. The cells can hold skilled fighters that fight for Teemo because they enjoy fighting (or money), but they may also hold some prisoners that are forced to fight. In the case that it comes to a fight, we may find some though allies (or some tough enemies) in this area.

From the perspective of the mission, the communications hub (and adjacent server room) and Teemo's throne room/the cantina seem to be the most interesting.
Unfortunately, no one of the team has ever entered the communications hub. There may be some guards at the entrance, and some other people working at computers on the inside. Getting access to a monitor can be hard, but all Teemo's data is logged here, so there should be a lot of incriminating evidence (although some good computer skills might be needed to find it).
The cantina is part of the central part of the building, some sort of large gladiatorial arena. At one end of this arena, there is a bar & cantina, usually holding several visitors, at the other end Teemo is seated. The arena is this large that Teemo has no clear full-view of the cantina, so it may be interesting to enter this area and look to get some useful information from the visitors.

The team decided that the best course of action after landing at the pad and helping to deliver the cargo would be to first go to the cantina (possibly by telling the guards that a signature/payment from Teemo is needed, as well as a small refresher). If no information is found out over there, plan B is to somehow sneak into the server rooms and try out fortune over there. The fallback plan (to which it hopefully never comes) is to visit the gladiatorial cells, gain (and set free) some allies and try to kill Teemo on the spot.

"All right, that seems like a reasonable plan", Kopec said.
"There is one more thing we should do before we arrive:", Lainaki added, "we should check out what our cargo is look and for hidden storage rooms. Ship owners know their complete cargo"
Na'Hosa confirmed: "Good point".

They moved to the cargo bay. Boxes with B1-battle droids, lots of them. Lainaki took a picture: "That is in itself already some good evidence pointing to Teemo creating an army"

Upon further inspection, the group found some hidden storage rooms, but these all seemed to be empty.

"Well, that's about all we can do before action begins". Na'Hosa yearned. He wondered how long it was since he had a good night of sleep.

However, Lainaki was not finished: "One more thing, maybe we can turn out comlinks permanently on and connect them to the ship's main computer? In that way, everything will be permanantly recorded, and can be used as evidence against Teemo."
"That sounds like an excellent idea, definitely do your thing", Na'Hosa confirmed as he walked away, hoping to catch a good night's sleep. He didn't realize that Tatooine was ony hours away…

[Editor's note: Lainaki did actually manage to succesfully link up the board computer and the comlinks]

S1.10-B Sound recording for Admiral Tenebris by Lainaki

Hi Sweety,
I heard you made Admiral? Admiral Tenebris… Has a nice ring to it I have to admit!
Well, it seems like you almost had me there…
But don't worry, I left a little present for you to remember me.    
Oh, and looove your ship's name!

[coordinates of escape pod embedded in message]

Translation for those having trouble understanding women ;) or my sarcasm
(overall tone of the message is overly cheerful, which Daminas really hates)

Hi craziest ex-girlfriend ever,
I am very disappointed with your carreer choices.
Thank god I was able to launch this freighter into hyperdrive!
I left two good people behind whose life I just destroyed by running away from you. I feel really guilty but at least your attention will be diverted away from Tatooine.
Damn, U crazy girl! Just get over me already! Although I might perhaps still miss you…

S1.10 - Main Story Entry - "Return to Mos Shuuta" - Part 1 - The Twist
Orpa - Date unknown, Geonosis - outer space

Orpa pulled the ship off the surface of Geonosis, a black burn next to the main entry door, a leftover from the what appeared to be a boarding skirmish of the new guests.
The Geonosean desert wastelands grew smaller and Orpa's brother turned around to the cockpit entrance to meet the new guests. The droid merchants. Wrex greeted them enthusiastically.
They seem to be friendly people and Piddock paid a nice extra to take them with us. Orpa felt a little more confident for the rest of the journey.

Suddenly the scanner started beeping. Wrex looked up and stated that a big ship was coming. A star destroyer came nearby. The light from the intercom flickered when a transmission message came in from the ship.
A cool, professional voice: 'This is star destroyer Darkrose, representing the Galactic Empire. Pease send us your flight records and wait for permission to leave before proceeding.'
A routine check. Luckily her brother and she recently made sure that they were officially licensed merchants. Orpa sent the data to the destroyer and looked at the guests. 'You are not in the flight records of course. Star destroyers typically have a life scanner, so this could get a little bit annoying. Don't worry though, I'm sure they run into situations like this all the time, they 'll probably just do a routine check.'
The female droid merchant did not seem confident. Her face was white as a sheet of paper and she was typing maniacally typing on the hyperspace planning computer. 'Are you ok?' Orpa asked.
The voice from the destroyer was back: 'Your records mention only two people aboard. Is that information correct?' Orpa started apologizing: 'We do have some extra passengers. The records may not be fully up-to-date. Times are harsh, and we need to make some money to make a living.'
That should do it. The voice responded, slightly annoyed: 'Right. Please state the names and occupancies of the other travelers.' Orpa answered: 'They sell droid parts, we have one male, his name is…' Suddenly the panicking women rushed forward, threw Orpa aside and pulled the hyperspace lever.

Orpa was shocked, 'No!', she shrieked. She wrestled with the woman, who was surprisingly determined to hold down the lever. Eventually, she managed to push her off the dashboard and flip the hyperspace lever. Ryloth nor the space destroyer seemed to be anywhere near. A giant asteroid was however, coming closer alarmingly fast. Orpa grabbed the steering bat and avoided the impending doom effortlessly.
She looked around and saw no more threats outside of the ship. Time to deal with those on the inside. She turned around and looked at the trembling woman on the floor. 'Why did you do that? Why did you run? It was just a routine check.'
The woman replied: 'There are people on that ship who search us, they would have recognized us. Thinks could go very bad. I saved us'.
Orpa was furious: 'You saved us!' She looked at her brother. Wrex looked defeated: 'We sent them our records, they know us. We're on their wanted list now. Our life as merchants is over. We're outcasts now.'
Orpa added: 'We cannot even deliver our goods now, they know where we were going. So long our standing with Piddock. You saved us! Idiots, they look for millions of people, they would have never recognized you, you’re not that special.'
The woman stood up from the floor: 'Now I remember, I do have a disguise kit, maybe I shouldn't have pulled the lever'
'Maybe!' Orpa ran away in anger to the sleeping rooms.

She ran to her bed room. Time to think about the future. She thought about her brother, poor guy. He didn't deserve to end up like this. Their life never had been a walk through the park though, they would make it through. She had some contacts in Ryloth, maybe they know a way to fix this. But first some sleep. She started undressing herself, when suddenly the door opened and a Bothan was looking at her with wide open eyes.
'Get out!' she yelled. The door closed and she could hear him leaving while talking to her brother, their voices dying out slowly. Suddenly Wrex yelled: 'Mutiny!'
No! This cannot be true! She jumped out of her bed and locked the door. After a while she heard voices at the other side. 'Come out.' the crazy woman said. 'We have your brother!'
'I have a gun' Orpa shouted as confidently as she could. She had nothing.
'I have killed people before'. A bleating Bothan voice.

The Twi'Lek started reasoning: 'Listen Orpa, if you tell the Empire representatives that we forcefully took your ship from you and that we were the ones that ran away, you will no longer be searched for. You and your brother’s name will be completely clean. You can gain nothing by hiding in there. If you surrender however, we will put your brother and you in an escape pod and we'll make sure that someone picks you up.'
He was right. Orpa sighed deeply and opened the door. Her brother and she were indeed guided to an escape pod. 'One day you will thank us for this', the woman said. 'And we'll make sure that you get a new ship', the Twi'lek added. He threw some food in the escape pod. 'Yeah, you can count on us, definitely', the Bothan added. He pressed the pod's escape button and quickly winked before the doors closed and the pod was ejected into outer space.

S1.9 - Main Story entry - "Dealing with the duke"
Kopec - Date unknown, Ryloth

Pffewhh, I'm glad we made it out of there in one piece. Piddoch did not seem happy at all that we couldn't effort any of his merchandise. And for a while there I though that we might had to make a run for it hoping that Zachery would be on the look out for trouble. Luckily Piddoch's goons guarding the entrance didn't feel the need to test their expensive looking new toys. On the topic of expensive toys, we definitively should keep Piddoch in mind for if we require an upgrade in firing power. 

Back aboard the ship Lainaki declared that it was her turn to take some well earned R&R as she gathered all the pillows from the other 2 beds to make herself as comfortable as possible. As I left the crews quarters I went to check up on Ana, only to find her past out in the engineering bay. She looked pretty stylish with her sunglasses on, while balancing her chair on only two legs. I didn't want to risk breaking her neck by waking her so, I just prayed for the best as I made my way towards to galley, drawn in by a surprisingly amazing smell. 

On the way there I bumped into Nahossa who seemed to be as intrigued as I by the smell. Arriving at the main cargo hold we were greeted by a welcome sight; Zachery had prepared his famous stew and had even made (a more or less successful) effort to turn two crates into a cosy dining table. Sitting at the table I made the remark that the water tight containers were doing an excellent job, it hadn't smelled as good about this ship since… well, since ever. Nahossa agreed as he started fantasizing about all the credits we could make from the containers contents. It was at that point that I thanked him for taking care of the pelt situation by himself, sparing me from smelling like a Rancor's ass for the second time in three days.

Nahossa however seemed confused, he thought that I had taken care of the pelts!? I, of course had done no such thing, referencing my "Rancor's ass" argument.  Zachery suggested that one of the ladies must have probably done it, which sounded crazy to me. Ana? Voluntary helping the rest of us out after we took her crane from her? I don't think so. Besides that I seriously doubted the fact that Lainaki could have handled the weight of moving the 6 pelts by her self. This left us with the option of one of Nin's men taking care of it, which seemed even more troublesome. I noticed the panic in Nahossa's eyes as he made his way to the crate, carefully opening it and afterwards looking back at us in complete horror. "They're GONE". he shouted, "all 6 of them, just GONE". "ALL MY MONEY, GONE!?". 

My eyes turned to terror as well as I realized how royally screwed we were. One of Nin's engineers must have discovered the pelts while patching up the ship and alerted Nin. But why did she not confront us when we returned to Nabath? My mind went racing, trying to figure out what had transpired. Zachery on the other hand merely mumbled something along the lines of :"Good riddance" while he scooped himself some stew and asked if I wanted some as well.  "Really Zachery, good riddance?!" I replied. "We just found out that god knows how many people are aware of the fact that we had Wooky pelts aboard our ship. How can u stay calm like that?!". In the meanwhile Nahossa had started pacing in circles around the improvised dinner table, seemingly using his fingers to get an estimate of how much wealth he had just lost. Zachery replied: "Well, I mean, I just think that we're better off without them. They were an issue, now that issue is solved. Whatever happened, it turned out well. We got away from Nabath without further hick ups right? So stop your jabbering and dig in. I've made it extra tasty to celebrate our succesful dealings on Ryloth. Plus you must be hungry from taking to all those people at the Duke's party. On that note, could u get us up to speed on what intel you acquired? We have to inform Anata before we go to the other Duke if I remember correc…" "What do you mean, it turned out well?!" Nahossa interrupted Zachary. "Is losing thousands of credits a good turn out to you? Now that I think of it, you were the only one vocally opposed to keeping them aboard. Aaaandnd and… AND you were grumpy as fck when we woke up at the safehouse the day after we arrived." "And you let Anna drive, without putting up a fight so you could sleep the entire way through" I added. At that point Nahossa had stopped pacing around and faced Zachery directly, I had never seen the Bothan so upset. This was something that he cared about a great deal. I remained seated but looked Zachery stared Zachery right in the face: "Why were you so tired that day? And what did you do the night before?!".

If I remember correctly the stand off took quite some time; Zachary had managed to distract his employer with a tale of a late night drinking and dancing, followed by a 10 mile run through the city. But I wasn't so easily fooled; I had seen Zachary after a night of heavy drinking two days earlier and the morning he had spend in the speeder was nothing like that. In the end, Zachary owed up to it. He had taken it upon himself to sneak out the night we landed on Ryloth and disposed of those vile things. "No amount of credits is worth losing your soul over, even if you fouls were to blind to see it" Zachery stated in a rather calm deminor "and if you're going fire me over that, well, good luck making it without me out there. I give you a week". The argument lasted for at least another hour. Nahossa was just upset about the amount of credits Zachery had cost the company and eventually made Zachery sign a contract legally binding him to repay a debt of 3.000 credits to the company. I wonder if Nahossa realized at the time he was getting 'penny's on the dollar', or well, hairs on the pelt? In any case Zachery did, cause he signed the thing straight away.

For me however, the point of contention had nothing to do with the monetary value of the pelts. Zachery had ignored a democratic vote for the sake of following his own consciousness. "You didn't have the right and you sure as hell didn't have the authority to make that call." I whispered through my teeth. "If you have a problem with the way this group does things, you bring it up and we discuss it. Calmly. Just like you did, when you warned me about how dangerous riling up the town's folk was. You were right back then and I listened." "What do you you listened? You were the only reason there was any threat to us, the rest of this so called 'group'. You nearly got us killed back there, twice! I'm the only reason you made it that dessert alive" The human had stopped eating his stew and straightened his back as he looked down on me across the table. "You, Kopec, do not get to tell me what I can or can not do." … "Are u sure about that?" I replied as I looked up at him. Zachary's eyes turned red and he grabbed me by my vest with one hand and dragged me across the table to his end. "Listen Lek. You do not have any power over me and if I need to remind you of that you just let me know. I'm sure I can free up 5 minutes to get it through your tiny head". As I was hanging there, dragged half way across the table I replied: "Or, I could just wait till you fall asleep and slit your throat and be done with it." Zachery lost it at that point and grabbed me firmly with both hands firmly around my vest putting his face as close as possible to myn stating: "Well then, who's gonne stop me from putting your ass through this table right now, Kopec?". I took a deep breath and looked  Zachery right in the eyes: "No one will stop you Zachary. But you know what the difference is between me and you? I'm not afraid to die and you are. You are scared shitless. It's what drives you to act all tough and what keeps you up at night. It is all you can think about. And I? Well, I've done it twice already. So if you're going to kill me do it right now, or put me down and let me finish my stew." A few moments later Zachary let go of my shirt and we ate as I discussed the meeting with Duke Piddoch. 

Putting all the pieces of information together it became clear that our best shot was to try and get Annata the proof about Timo's powerplay, so that he could inform Jabba and the Huts could work it out. In order to get that information we had to convince duke Dimmoch to let us board his shipment which was leaving for Timo later that day. We contacted Ota and told him the details of the information we had gathered. (mysterious droid blueprint purchases, droid technician disappearance and decapitation, potential powerplay etc.) Ota liked the new plan of letting Jabba deal with Timo himself a lot better than us going in guns blazing and wished us good luck with our audience with the second duke. 

After calling Ota we made our way to Treleck Hive where we were surprised to see  two armed Genocians waiting to escort us to the duke Dimmoch. We had hoped on gathering some additional information in a local cantina, but the hive Treleck did not seem to offer the same amenities as our previous host's hive. In any case I doubt they would have let us go anywhere but the Duke's place. We were told to leave our weapons and we did so willingly. Only Zachary apparently forgot he was carrying brass knuckles cause when one of the guards spotted them, he played dumb and asked the guard to return them when we got back. When we arrived at the Duke's place we were greeted by an enormous throneroom, stacked with at least a hundred of geared up Geonocians along both sides of the room. Zachery signaled us to kneel as we approached the duke which seemed to pleas him greatly and because of his and Nahossa's combined rhetoric we got the duke's cooperation. The fact that Timo had ties to the empire, he worked together close u with a Kubaz and was potentially making a power play; was enough for the Duke to say that he wouldn't put much in our way with regards to making it onboard the Lucky Guess (the cargo ship leaving for Mosh Shuta). He only  stated that we should keep his name out of it, at all time. After thanking the duke we made our way back to our ship to plan our next moves. We informed Ota, who didn't seem interested in intermediary results but who did however confirm to Zachary what kind of payment there would be, should Timo disappear from the picture. 

By nightfall we made our way to dock AA7 where we found three armed Genocians standing in our way. Luckely Nahossa spotted an airduck that was under construction and before I knew it my comrades were inside the airduck in order to sneak by the three guards.  However as soon as I tried to do the same I spotted a very familiar Ghant walking straight towards me with his weapon raised. It was Vrixx'tt, the bounty hunter we had encountered earlier that day at duke Piddoch's fundraiser. As I tried to knod in his direction he smiled back, raising his weapon even further. I guess he definitively knew who we were and we looked like nothing else but a walking talking payout. Without saying another word I made me way to the guards down the corridor who stopped me right in my tracks: "you are not authorized, only authorized personal is allowed to be here" they declared in unison. "Oh well, but I am, I am an acquaintance of duke Dimmoch. U should contact him and tell him that you are keeping up one of his guys". The Geonocians looked nothing if not confused and during their confusion I turned my words into action and walked straight by the guards. As I walked towards the doors of the Cargoship I looked behind me to see the funny look on Vrixx'tt his face. However as I turned around I did not see anything funny, the Geonocians recognized Vrixx'tt and just let him pass. Vrixx'tt increased his pace and his smile had turned to a very unpleasant grin. 

It was at that point that Zachary appeared from a side room. There was a split second where all six of us were just staring at each other in disbelief and confusion. Zachary had been able to bypass the guards using the vent but the Geonocians were now facing exactly the way that he came. The next seconds happened really quickly; Zachary and later Nahossa dashed towards the Cargoship's doors as the Geonocians opened fire on them (stun setting, gaging from the impact on the ship's hull), but they made it. Vrixxt on the other hand opened fire at me and he was shooting to kill if I could assume that from the giant scorch mark he left on the side of the hull. However it was at that point that the Geonocians opened fire on Vrixxt. To this day I'm not entirely sure whether he hit on of them or it was just merely the fact that the Ghant was shooting at a 'supposed friend' of Dimmoch. Either way, we got out. 

Aboard the ship we made our way to the cockpit where we were we received a very warm welcome from Wex and a slightly cool remark from his sister Orpa. I introduced Zachary and Nahossa to the Koreleans as our ship entered orbit. It was at that point that an alarm started to go off and before anything was said Zachary rushed off to one of the batteries. Orpa looked over at her brother as he was checking the scanners. "I've got something" Wrex said. "Well, WHAT do you have" Orpa replied. Wrex looked up and mumbled… "it's something big". 

S1.8 - Main Story entry - "Geonosian Negotiations" - Part 2 - The Party
Anna - Date unknown, Ryloth - Geonosis

"I have a project for a group like yours," Ota, the short and stout Bothan started. 

I couldn't suppress a slight huff of frustration. This was our reward for the entire New Meen debacle? Another assignment? No money, no gear, no weapons.  Yeah, they fixed "our" ship and gave us some medical attention, but I'm quite sure that was our reward for bringing B'ura B'an to Ryloth in the first place. And our fearsome leaders are just taking it. Can't believe they made me give up all the parts I scavenged from the crane and the steam roller. 

"This is bullshit," I mouthed breathlessly as the Bothan pulled out a holographic projector. It showed images of us on Mos Shuuta, the Krayt Fang and our faces. Then in nice big letters: "Wanted. 50K credits reward by Teemo." 

Great. So Kopec was right about the Kubaz. And I'm sure this Bothan is just showing us this message just to warn us and certainly not put extra pressure on us to do whatever the fuck he wants us to. 

"With a reward like that, you might find yourselves hunted by people like Bosk, or even The Mandalorian," he continued. Yeah, or blackmailed by some random beast dude. 

"So exactly why are you showing us this, instead of delivering us?" Lainaki asked. 

"I have a proposition. The project I offer will bring you into contact with people who deal with Teemo," from the corner of my eyes, I saw Lainaki raise her eyebrows, but Ota continued before she could interject, "Teemo has a deal planned with Duke Dimmock, I want you to make sure it falls through." 

"I am invited to Duke Piddock's business party, it's his way of introducing himself onto the black market. The Geonosians have no trading positions under the Empire's rule so they have no choice but to turn to illegal paths. He deals in weaponry and wants to use the party to sell and to do some networking. I know he had a deal planned with Teemo, but something changed his mind. Now Teemo has turned to Duke Dimmock, perhaps if he knew what changed Piddock's mind, that trade will get canceled as well. That's where you come in." 

"So what changed Piddock's mind?" 

"Ah, you'll have to find out. I only know that it was Piddock's initiative to break off the deal. Other than that, I know that Teemo has been promoting a Kubaz spy, Geonosians don't tend to like Kubaz," Ota added, "You'll go as my representatives to Piddock's party. Prepare a good cover story, you never know if there are imperial spies around." 

"And our reward?"

"Well. Teemo probably had the credits to pay your bounty hunters on him. When you eliminate him, that will be your reward," and with that, the Bothan left. 

[Author's note: Apparently Kubaz like to eat insects and Geonosians are insectoids. Yeah.] 

We left in the morning for Taris. Our Krayt Fang was fixed up… sufficiently. Lainaki and Kopec seemed pleased, but I was sure that if I had stayed to lead the technical crew, it would've been in a much better state. The waterproof box we had ordered stood in the cargo hold and we assumed the wookie pelts were place inside of it, because the smell was gone. We decided that our cover story would be that we trade in droid parts. 

The trip was calm and Lainaki amused herself during it by inspecting some sort of alien shell that was on board. Kopec took a much-needed shower. 


[TARIS - Geonosis]

We received a request to leave all our weapons on board, so we complied. A few heavily armed, giant Geonosian soldiers escorted us to the Duke's party. They led us to a lavish cantina, clearly designed to attract cosmopolites. Piddock was not messing around. 

Inside, a band was playing and the guests were clearly having a good time. We decided to talk a bit with the guests first, before approaching the Duke. 

First we spoke to the human siblings Orpa and Wrex Vion. They run a taxi business and let us know that they would be willing to ship droids around as well. He's a funny guy, she's clearly the brains of the operation. They told us that the Toydarian guest at the party, Anatta, works for Jabba the Hutt. 

Kopec tried to talk to the Sullustan, Mu Nanb, but he said he wanted to listen to the band first. "I'm just a tourist," he claimed. He was sharply dressed, but very young.  

Lainaki talked, well, flirted, with an elegant woman at the bar, Maru Jakkar. She's apparently interested in like culture and art and history and stuff? The Geonosians were nearly all wiped out, so their culture is like super special to her or something. I don't get it, but Lainaki obviously liked it. Maru is not just in the relic business, but she's also the front woman of a syndicate operating in the core worlds. She warned us that there were some shady deals going on when we mentioned droid technology: series of suspicious payments  for seemingly worthless auctions and B1 battle droid plans had been spotted on the trading post – all traced back to Tattooine. She also told us that the Gant at the party was a bounty hunter of certain repute, called Vrixx'tt. 

Then we spoke to Anata from Mos Eisley. Turned out he didn't deal in items, but in information. We headed to one of the private rooms so we could talk discretely. He was a major help, but also an expensive one

The droid and the Gant approached us, but didn't teach us anything more. The Gant claimed he was a representative of an informal organisation that promotes the interest of insectoid species. 

Then it was time to talk to the host, Duke Piddock. He told us he had canceled the deal with Teemo because the Hutt had hired a Kubaz (Thwheek). In retaliation, Teemo abducted the droid technician Sivor, but Piddock had no proof of that. When we asked if other Geonosians would still make deals with Teemo despite the Kubaz, he immediately named Dimmock. "He has lower standards. Vile, no moral compass. He sells inferior droids and weapons." 

When he realised that we weren't actually going to order any weapons, we were asked to immediately leave the party and were escorted back to our ship. All in all, I thought things went well. 

S1.8 - Main Story entry - "Geonosian Negotiations" - Part 1 - The Aftermath
Anna - Date unknown, Ryloth


The party continued on throughout the entire night. The Twi'leks were shooting wildly around with their new guns as they danced and sang and celebrated life. I looked around. Two of the members of this tiny community got shot tonight, shot dead. Did they just not care? Did Twi'leks experience grief in some other way than humans did?

Then I spotted her. A tiny, broken shadow of a woman: Amatseri, Jeff's wife. She seemed to be carrying all the sadness in the world on her slender shoulders as she sat next to his lifeless body. I took a hesitant step towards her, but quickly turned away. My presence was not appreciated in this community and what could I say? "I'm sorry your husband – who was a barely functioning half-wit – got shot by some power hungry maniac. I'm also aware I aimed two blasters straight at your dearly departed husband barely two days ago but in my defense, he was about to kill all the "humies" and I'm a humie". Yeah, let's not, Anna. 

A nauseous feeling rose up from the deepest pit of my stomach straight into my throat. I wanted to leave. Leave this place, leave this planet. But leave to where? Whether I wanted it or not, this crew was the closest thing I had to a family and home was wherever our ship landed. Images from Anthan Prime flashed before my eyes and I quickly shook my head. "Come on, girl, these are the choices you've made," I muttered to myself, "put on a smile, distract yourself, keep your eyes on the future, looking back never does you any good". 

A shaky breath in and out. A slight squint of the eyes and a smile on the lips. I spotted B’ura B’an walking by with a giant communications device, he had his serious face on. Distraction spotted. I followed him to the table and watched as he called Nyn Kablo. He informed her that Ang Dromb was gone and that the people of New Meen had guns now. He clearly seemed displeased about that last fact. I noticed Nyn's surprised look at the news of Ang Dromb. Did she not expect us to succeed? From behind B'ura B'an, I gave a big thumbs up towards the camera, "great news, right?!".  I trust none of these people. 

B'ura B'an turned off the communicator and walked off again. I saw that Lainaki followed him inside a tent, so I let them be. Leader talks, never fun. I walked over to Kopec to help him collect some scrap. "For the pyres," he said. 

The tone of the party suddenly shifted. Apparently, Ougid'nahuk had decided he was going to execute the captured bandits. "Kopec, you need to stop them," I started, "they won't hesitate to kill us, the only other humans around here, too". Lainaki got out of the tent and yelled over at Kopec that he should intervene, which seemed to convince him. "Anna, get ready to leave," she added. Didn't have to ask me twice. I ran over to the speeder, got in and turned the engine on. 

Kopec somehow managed to convince Ougid'nahuk that it was better that the humans knew they had to fear him and let them spread the word, than it was to kill them. The bandits were released and immediately they ran off into the desert. Their chances of survival seemed slim, though. 

After that situation was defused, we all decided to get some sleep. 


I got up bright and early so I could take the crane (you know, my crane) and the steam roller's engines apart. I had an entiiiiiiire cargo levitator full of high quality scrap. Then, I was forced by Lainaki, Kopec and B'ura B'an to put it all back. All of it. The steam roller parts, alright, I could understand that, but they had given my crane to the Twi'leks without consulting me. I felt hurt and humiliated. By the time I was done, it was already noon. 

Then, we left for Nabat, but not before paying Ang Dromb's place a visit. We found a safe, but couldn't get it open. We did find some interesting emails on his computer though. 

"Yes it’s a risky business. I’m amazed Trex managed to get away with that droid technician Sivor without causing the whole thing to fall down on our heads. You never know with kriffing bugs, with their clades and castes and such. Annoy the one on top and you lose every other link in the chain. Start from scratch. I thought this whole deal was going to fall through when we lost the support of Duke Piddock, but Dimmock – he might be the bug for us."

"Decapitated! Ha! Well, make sure he never gets to hear about that! I mean, don’t get me wrong, the bugs are kriffing hypocrites on the issue if you ask me. They’re more than happy to see dozens of drones squandered in their own games, but if he knew what happened with Sivor, it’d be all over for the deal. Hah, putting a techgeek in the ring against you! What a way to go."



The place was bustling when we arrived back at Nabat. There were stalls everywhere, the market was buzzing. On our way to Nyn's, Kopec swore he spotted Thwheek, the Kubaz bounty hunter, in the crowd. I dismissed it and called him a racist for assuming all Kubaz look alike. 

Nyn greeted us warmly when we arrived and quickly introduced us to a short and stout Bhotan, named Ota. He had some very interesting news for us… 

(to be continued: part 2 – The Party) 

S1.8-B Expense report

The following information was bought from Anatta, a shadow broker allegedly tied to Jabba the Hut:

Question Answer Cost
What do you know about a deal gone bad between Piddock and Teemo? Nothing n/a
What do you know about Sivor? (+what happened to him) Worker drone (errands and technician).

Teemo got him killed in gladitorial fight, Thwheek got the killing blow

90 + our emails
What do you know about the relationship betweenTeemo and Jabba? Teemo is from Jabba's clan but seems very ambitious. If Jabba gets concrete proof about Teemo planning a coup, he will smack him down. Anatta could deliver such proof to Jabba if we manage to get it. 60
Wat do you know about Mu Nanb ? Talked with Piddock about a huge weapons deal, might be building an army. 100
What do you know about Daminas? Daminas is the new imperial admiral assigned to this region of the outer rim. She is here to "clean up" the region… 115 (+ 45 from Lainaki's personal money)
What do you know about tha Apptacy family? They lost their daughter (Anna), she was killed by a mechanic maniac. No word about what happened to the murderer. 30
Any news about the Warran clan's leaders? A twi'lek showed up in Mos Eisley, started a brothel. 0 (60 from Kopec's personal money)


S1.7 - Main Story entry - "The good, the bad, and the hangover"
Lainaki - Date unknown, Ryloth

That damn Twi’lek… A bucket of piss, really? He really thinks he’s the man now we’re on his home planet. Sometimes I wish I left him in the desert. He didn’t get me though, but I did get him! He will be smelling like piss all day. I guess it’s up to me to take the guard for the rest of the night after all.

The other Twi’lek were having the time of their lives, partying all night long. The ones we asked to guard the prisoners even left their post to join the party. But this time I made sure we stripped them of everything and tightened the ropes quite well.

Zachary was the first one to wake up, out of the entire village. He found some food, checked on the thugs and decided to take on the guard for the rest of the morning. As long as the village was sleeping, someone had to be on guard.  Before leaving we discussed that we won’t be attacking Ang Dromb’s hideout today. With all those hangovers, it wouldn’t bode well. Now I don’t really have anything to do, so I did a quick check of the status of that crane we ‘acquired’.

One of the first Twi’lek who woke up was Geoff. I engaged with him in some small talk, congratulating him on his victory in last night’s drinking competition between him and Zachary. Geoff tells me he’d like to have another competition. Well, he said: “GEOFF WANNA PLAY AGAIN”. Zachary interrupted by telling Geoff that Kopec is a much better drinker. Geoff picked up the nearest barrel of booze and stomped off to the tents.

Afterwards, we heard Geoff had found Kopec in the sand showers. Sadly, Kopec managed to convince Geoff that a drinking competition with him would not be fun since Geoff would win anyways.

Zachary decided to go ‘talk’ with the thugs. I was not that interested in seeing naked men so I decided to go practice with the new blaster pistol we took from those thugs. He didn’t have any success getting information out of them anyway.

So then it happened again: B’ura B’an and Kopec had another ‘debate’. I guess that happened in the sand showers as well. The entire village could hear them ‘expressing their arguments’. It was an interesting topic though. B’ura B’an wanted our spare guns to distribute them among his people. Kopec didn’t seem to like that for some obscure reasons. It reminded me of the debate with the apprentice legislature years ago, about the Military Creation Act. While they were having their little fight, I asked some villagers if they wanted to try to shoot these blasters as well. I guess B’ura B’an isn’t that big of an idol we thought, even when they can hear him shout “Give my people some damn blasters!” they still didn’t accept my offer. Except for Geoff, but I tried to make him promise to listen to me and apparently he doesn’t like authority… Aametseri, his wife, did manage to calm him down. But I think I might have scared her when trying to explain what happened.

I decided to take matters into my own hands that afternoon. Zachary and I approached B’ura B’an with the offer of some blasters if we can train the Twi’lek in using them as well. He eagerly accepted and 5 minutes later the entire town was lined up ready for training. Zachary proved to be an excellent tutor (I’m starting to like this guy) and after a while, some of the people started to hit their targets, once in a while that is.

Should have kept someone on guard duty though, late in the afternoon three construction vehicles approached the village. I ran to Kopec, who was apparently sleeping, and still naked, against a rock. Zachary selected the four best gunners, but the other Twi’lek start panicking when Ang Dromb got out of his vehicle and started shouting threats through a megaphone. B’ura B’an managed to calm his people down and took them all to the mine, where Kopec joined them a little later, finally clothed (but still stinking of piss).

Ang Dromb gave us five minutes to give ourselves up, more than enough time to prepare our defences. After those five minutes, the vehicles started moving into the village. The steamroller passed near me and I opened fire on the driver. Meanwhile, Kopec managed to convince the Twil’ek to fight. They split up into two groups, one of which joined me. The other group went with Kopec to the opposite side of the village, while Zachary was in the middle, all on his own.

By the time the Twi’lek arrived at my location, I had disabled the driver already. Sadly, two other thugs on the steamroller had returned fire and hit my leg real bad. I can take it though, I’m not a whiner like Kopec. Zachary managed to disable the bulldozer driver as well, the vehicle closest to Kopec’s side of the village. With the help of the Twi’lek, it didn’t take long to take down the other two thugs on the steamroller. We did hear some scream from a Twi’lek on the other side of the village.

Zachary decided it was time to take out the loading truck, the middle vehicle occupied by Ang Dromb. He threw a grenade straight into the trailer itself. Ang Dromb was very pissed about this and took out a repeating blaster rifle. He unloaded on the angry mob of Twi’leks near Kopec. I will never forget what I heard next. “GEOFF IS KILLING BAAAAAH!!” I will miss this guy for sure…

Zachary then came up with this genius idea to push the unload button so Ang Dromb would be thrown out of the back of the vehicle. (I really though I saw him trying to climb into the trailer himself though, so perhaps the unloading wasn’t planned?) Ang Dromb had a pop at Zachary with his repeating blaster before succumbing under the fire of the Twi’leks. I think I saw Ougid'nahuk getting the killing shot. The last two thugs quickly left the scene, while we all grouped around Geoff’s body (except maybe one or two Twi’lek who stood around the other dead body).


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