S1.4 - Main Story Entry - "A violent interception"
Lainaki - Data unknown, Ryloth

 So there we were, flying through hyperspace on our way to Ryloth. Not the most efficient route, I know, but this allowed us all to take a well needed nap. Anna and I made ourselves comfortable in the cockpit. She fell asleep first, and seemed to be quite restless. Just like when I was <s>with</s> young, I am always the one to fall asleep last.

What a way to wake up: a barely functional hyperdrive shutting down and rattling every single bone in your body. As if I wasn’t in pain enough already… And on top of that we were welcomed by the sight of a starfighter. We all recognized the make from our time in Mos Shuuta: a kubaz ship. Teemo must have dispatched some thugs after us. I tried hailing the fighter to discover its intentions, and the filth dared to demand us to surrender. I was quick enough to enable the sub light engines and accelerate to full speed, while Anna screamed over the intercom to inform the others to prepare for an attack. While the others were scurrying around the ship, Anna even managed to temporarily get part of the shields back up! This lady really has a talent for mechanics I must admit.

Zachary and Ik fired some warning shots and Kopec joined us in the cockpit. He ripped the hailing apparatus from my hands but clearly underestimated the determination of the kubaz. Does he really think I wouldn’t have tried to reason with him if I, a trained diplomat, would deem it possible? Finally returning to his home planet must really weigh on him.

The kubaz opened fire but was as good a shot as Zachary would prove to be. After a while Ik finally got a hit on the starfighter, a powerful one they informed me later. I hadn’t noticed it since I tried to speed away. After the hit, the kubaz must have had the same idea and his blip slid to the edges of our radar.

Kopec asked us if this was the only threat. Anna, clearly a bit cranky this morning, snarled back: “Of course this was the only starfighter, you think we wouldn’t have told you if there were others?”. I was not as confident though, and decide to run a quick and hasty scan behind her back. Doing this, I overloaded the crappy sensor system of this rust bucket. Now Anna decided I was to be the second victim of her morning fury.

After she calmed down, B'ura B'an hailed his friends in Nabat and we received the coordinates of landing bay zèta. After our landing there was a little scuffle about Anna wanting to stay behind to help B'ura B'an’s mechanics. Kopec rigorously managed to convince her to stay with us and we all followed B'ura B'an into the city. Kopec has never been this strict to the crew, I suspect his return to this planet also means the return of his crave for leadership. I must keep him in check before he takes over my expedition for his own plans.

We passed by a local marketplace. Zachary declared the junk he had found within the Kryat Fang and proposed to sell it all. But when Anna heard about the astromech parts, Ik and I agreed to let her try to repair it. Ik then proposed to sell the insectoid remains he found. Well this was what pushed me over the edge. Anna’s complaining, Kopec taking things into his own hands, and now Ik and Zachary didn’t think to tell me about some alien insectoid remains? Did they forget what my expedition is all about?

After I reminded them all of my leadership and the purpose of our expeditions, we were discussing what we need to buy and what to sell. Suddenly, Kopec admitted he found 1000 credits on board the Kryat. I couldn’t believe my ears. This crew is as dysfunctional as the shields on that thing we call a ship!

At least now we finally had some cash. Zachary demanded some credits to buy himself a replacement gun. Later he came back with a stun gun and a bunch of stims. Anna found someone selling droid parts, a little overpriced nevertheless. I decided to go with her, I figured she could use a shopping companion after the rough morning she had. I helped her get the price down, only 200 credits instead of 225. But afterwards we checked the quality of the parts a little closer, and really these parts are barely worth 100 credits.

When we returned we discovered that after Ik could not find airtight container for those horrible skins, he decided to look for a tanner to finish the job. The poor man was horrified by Ik’s proposal. Who walks into a local tanner’s job asking to process the illegal skins from semi-intelligent beings? I really start to wonder if it was a smart choice to choose Ik as my investor.

After our shopping spree, B'ura B'an led us to a safe house of his people, whoever they are. There were some Twi’lek and human soldiers inside and B'ura B'an introduced us to Nyn Kablo. She thanks us for rescuing B'ura B'an, and offers us a business opportunity. If we help them with their local issues, they would help us take down Teemo. The only thing we need to do is escort B'ura B'an to New Meen. B'ura B'an’s presence in New Meen would help them resist the pressure of the thugs, who are probably serving Teemo, and keep the mine in Twi’lek control. They would provide us with a speeder to cross the desert. After a quick discussion we agreed to help them. Ik then asked if they could provide us with airtight containers and lo and behold, he finally got the bloody containers. Well, he will have them, when we return.

We received some medical attention in the safe house and all went to sleep. In the morning we would need all our strength to leave on our trip through the desert.

(author’s note: unbeknownst to Lainaki and any other members of the crew, Zachary snuck off in the middle of the night to dump the Wookie pelts into the first dumpster he found)

I had a good’s night rest this time, and it did not seem like Anna was the one who had the worst night this time. Zachary looked fatigued, I wonder what’s on his mind… After we thanked Nyn for the medical help, some militants led us through a service tunnel to the speeder. Zachary took the wheel, and off we went!

We hit some pretty rough terrain, and cliffs were rising around us. Suddenly we heard a loud bang and the speeder spun out like crazy. At least Zachary was able to minimize the spinning, but Ik was catapulted out of the speeder, landed face first in the sand quite a distance away and slid a few metres further. I hope he likes the taste of sand…

Zachary called out a cave in the bluff, with three humans, a gand and a trandoshan standing armed with blaster rifles. Zachary tells us the trandoshan is Trex. One of the humans orders us to halt and come out with our hands up, and he tries to (poorly) convince us he’s an imperial official. Kopec tells me to act like I am seriously hurt while he walks out into the open. I agree, I always liked a bit of acting. Kopec tries to negotiate with them, and when he gets close, one of the other humans cuffs him. This is when Zachary and I decided we’ve had enough and open fire. The firefight was quite dull, but I got a good hit on that ‘imperial’ guy. Oh and Anna got knocked out by a stunt weapon,  she is going to be pissed when she wakes up.

Once Zachary had killed one of the humans with a grenade, they all started retreating into the cave, and as soon as Kopec escaped from the cave, we all helped Zachary in blowing up the entrance. Zachary hurt himself, but at least we were safe again. For now…

S1.3 - Main Story Entry - "Long Arm of the Hutt"
Ik - Data unknown, aboard the Krayt Fang

'Hyperspace. Finally…' Ik sighed deeply, closed his eyes and let his face rest against the cold turret control panel. 'What a day' His thoughts wandered back to the cozy safety of the container on Tatooine. Why didn't he stay there for the night? The only minus he could think of was the overwelming penetrating smell that came back to his memory. He lifted his head suddenly. 'Wait a minute, that container didn't smell at all.'

Suddenly, his entire body was smashed against the panel while hearing a frightened yell from Lainaki, some unintelligible Twi'lek curses and the deafening sound of metal on metal from the insides of the ship. 'Why did they stop?' A moment later, the alarms of the ship tooted and screeming of tortured pigs blasted through the speakers.

Ik climbed out of the turret. Limp and Kopec rushed by, attempting to cover both their nose and ears with their hands. It was the sickening smell of dead meat. Bah. Even worse than that time they ate Limp his favourite spicy dish while the ship toilets were broken. From the control room he heard the voice of  Anna, slightly annoyed: "Somebody knows Transdoshan?". He knew where to go.

By the time Ik arrived in the control room, Anna had managed to turn off the alarm and switch the computer language to Basic. The team intercom turned on, it was Zachary. "We located the source of this smell. There is a hidden room underneath the main cargo with six raw Wookie skins. Kopec is overwhelmed, we're leaving this room. Please stop the pig screams." . A delighted expression appeared on the tired face of Ik. Wookie skins are highly valuable.

Anna responded "Thow those disgusting things out of the airlock". The delighted expression vanished instantly. "Those skins stay aboard. Turn off the main cargo ventilation, that smell will blow away by itself" Anna hectically started typing, warning sign windows popped up on the monitor, only to disappear immediately. "This will fix it", she stated. Loud slams resounded across the ship and with a soft click the breeze of rotting air disappeared. The intercom light flickered. Zachary: "Did you just lock all doors and turn off the ventilation system?"

It took one more hour of frustration get the ventilation going in all rooms but the main cargo and to silence the pig screaming that still blasted through the ship intercom. Anna was relieved: "Finally, stupid Gamorrean opera". Limps voice returned over the intercom. "While you guys were busy playing with the computer and flipping on and off our oxygen supplies, Kopec and I finished searching this ship. We found an extra passenger, a Twi'lek calling himself B'ura B'an, locked away in the cell block. Kopec claimed he's some sort of hero and promptly released him."
Ik frowned. 'A complete stranger released on the ship without consulting me or anyone else. I have to keep a close eye on Kopec' Ik responded: "Let's meet with our hero within an hour"

An hour later the crew was gathered, a team of five, exhausted and smelly with a freshly cleaned stranger in the middle. The scent of Na'Hosa and Kopec was remarkably bad, both of them smelling as bad as the Wookie pelts. There had been an argument with the other team members, who argued to throw the pelts in outer space. Ik and Kopec had teamed up to move the pelts from the central cargo to the secluded cells in the back of the ship, only to find out that disabling the cell ventilation was too hard, even for Anna. The overall state of the ship was awful. On the inside of the vessel, there was the overwhelming smell of dead meat and since the doors still didn't function, Zachary had screwed off and hacked every single door control panel. Anna had found out through the system that there was a tracker on the outside of the ship, broadcasting their location every few minutes to Tatooine. On top of that, they would run out of fuel very soon and they could only tank at Riloth, a planet far too close to Tatooine, far too close to Teemo.

Ik sat at the head of the table with an expectant smile, waiting for the guest to thank his rescuers and introduce himself.  When B'ura B'an spoke however, it was a comment on the professionality of the team. Lainaki reacted, Zachary gave some comments and some minutes later the crew was involved in a lively discussion. Na'hosa remained silent, attentively looking at this stranger. By the time B'ure B'an started to provide his opinion on the attractiveness of the female crew members, he decided to interrupt.

"I am the leader of this crew. Rather than giving comments on your rescue, can you provide us with some info on yourself? Who are you? Why does he [Kopec] considers you to be a hero? Why were you captured?" B'ura B'an mocked: "I see this leader has his crew firmly under control" and went back to assessing the physical qualities of Anna. What a major dick.
Unsettled, Ik stuttered: "Are you going to cooperate or do we have to put you back into your cell?"
Nobody listened. Asshole.

Ik remebered his father speaking to the Trandoshan trader commitee. Tens of Trandoshans and non-Trandoshans silently listening to one fragile Bothan. Afterwards, his father bend down over him and whispered: "Remember, a great leader never has to anounce himself as such, it becomes clear by his other actions. Take an example at how your sister can get people to listen to her."

By the time that Ik's thoughts returned to the conversation, Kopec seemed to be asking his questions to B'ura B'an. It turned out that B'ura B'an had 'liberated' some mines from a foreign species that oppressed the Twi'leks, eventually becoming a prominent figure in the mining industry himself. Since Ryll mining was illegal, he had to cooperate with the Hutts to distribute his products. However, recently, the Hutts had started their own mining operations and Teemo had sent Trex to capture him.

After the meeting, Ik sat down on a bed in the crew room. He reached for a pencil and started writing:

Crew quarters
- some tapistry/skin on the floor
- 1 general purpose scanner
- 1 pair of electrobinoculars
- 1 respirator kit (Trandoshan)
- 3 glow rods
- 1 tool kit
- 1 insectoid dried thing (check the worth)
- 2 power pack reloads
- 1 hand scanner

- 6 wookie pelts'

He folded the piece of paper and put it in his inner pocket. 'Aah, sleep. Finally.'

S1.2-Journal Entry
Regrets? A few


Phew, that was close. Way too close. I’m amazed this rustbucket held up under the stress, she must be tougher than I gave her credit for. Also, note to self, next time I’m high on adrenaline from some good bangs and Boss-lady let’s me call the shots, maybe not call the shots immediately, right there, literally. Or maybe just bring more explosives and a spare gun next time. Yeah, should probably do that. One of the two. Maybe both. And maybe get some guns for the rest of the guys, and some battle-droids, definitely some battle-droids, oh, and some walkers, those are nice too, especially the big ones that menace with blasters of ion. Where was I? Oh, right, to-do list.
[<ul><li> Repair blaster pistol</li><li> Claim galley as personal workshop</li><ul> <li>If galley does not exists, claim a cargo-hold and set up cooking station</li></ul><li> Find a place to cook the food.</li><li> Cook some actual food</li><li> Get Ik to pay me</li><li> Refill personal medical supplies</li></ul>]

I should probably get Anna to help me to some of these. And apologize I guess, I didn’t get her back our old bird after all. And apologize to the rest, I guess. Well, maybe except for Twin-tails and Boss-lady, those two should know better than to present themselves so eagerly to some damn droids. And Ik still owes me money, even more since I broke my bloody gun defending him. So, apologies for the gear monkey it is. Maybe I could make her some extra nice food…

S1.2 - Journal entry - "Of physical and not so physical pain"
Anna's Diary - don't read don't touch don't anything

Oh my god, I didn't sign up for this shit. I mean, I did, but that's not the point. Everything hurts. It feels like someone hit me with a sledgehammer right against the left half of my rib cage. A sledgehammer that was on fire or something, fuck. Note to self, don't get freaking shot. There's still some sand stuck in my mouth too and it just sends the worst kind of shivers down my spine whenever I feel the grains grinding between my teeth. 

I completely blame Limp for this, you know. You don't just go shooting stuff out of nowhere. Bad plan. At least inform your crew first that you're gonna pull a kamikaze stunt before dragging them into it or something. Fuck I'll write the eulogy to your burial and read it with tears streaming down my face and tell the world how big of a suicidal hero you were – just don't get us all fucking shot. I'm gonna kick his ass as soon as I get the chance and as soon as I can properly move. 

I also miss my baby, my beautiful, shiny, chrome ship baby. She was so beautiful. I just installed new shield modifiers too. Oh no my work bench. My beautiful work bench. I miss my work bench too. 

Now we're aboard some rusty, old light freighter. It's not her fault that she's rusty, she was clearly neglected. Her name is Krayt Fang. Mother always used to say that when a pet dies, you immediately need to adopt a new one to lessen the hurt. Mother never was the best with coping mechanisms, but I think I understand now. 

Having my ship baby taken away from me really left me with a feeling of emptiness, loss. It really was my baby, there wasn't a square inch that I didn't do some tinkering on at some point. But adopting (cough stealing cough) this old granny, it lessens the blow. She got quite hurt during our daring escape, but she hung in there. She didn't blow up on us, the energy shields moved like they had too. 

There is some real fire and potential in our Granny Fang and I can't wait to restore her back to her former glory. And give her a wicked spray paint job. Gonna ask Na'hosa to set some funds aside in the future for it. 

I mean, if we ever get paid again, for anything. Being on the run suuuuuucks. 

S1.2 - Main story entry - "Still escaping from Mos Shuuta" - 22/01/2016
Anna - Date unknown, aboard the Krayt Fang

So there I was, wandering a bit around the local market, blending in and all, listening in on the rumors, when I suddenly hear and see this explosion in the distance. I just knew my fellow crew mates were responsible for it – and even if they weren't, a little disaster tourism is always fun. On my way towards the commotion, I noticed these smoking bits of… is that a stormtrooper foot? I looked up to see my friends, a slight hint of panic in their looks and my face must've just been a big question mark. Before I could properly ask what's going on, they grab me, tell me the situation has escalated ever so slightly, but that we have a hyper matter reactor ignitor (HMRI) and that Limp spotted a nearby hangar with a light freighter inside. Time to get off this planet. 

We easily made our way to the hangar, but there is where things went horribly wrong. The gate was open so we could see the rusty, poor excuse for a freighter standing inside. I just wanted our old ship back, but people-on-the-runners can't be choosers, I guess. Two droids stood in front of the hangar. They looked old, rusty, worn down. I overheard Lainaki and Limp exchanging a few words and before anyone could properly assess the situation, Limp fired a shot at one of the droids. In hindsight, it must've been the adrenaline from the previous altercation that drove him to such a dangerous, impulsive decision – but it nearly fucked us all over. 

Chaos erupted as some of us managed to dive behind crates for cover, but Kopec and Ik went down almost immediately. Lainaki could somehow drag Kopec into safety as Limp and I fired shots at the droids. Two more droids soon appeared from inside the hangar. We managed to take the two outside out, but the two others kept hitting us with deadly accuracy. We were so fucked, so I made a split-second decision to run towards the gate panel in an attempt to close the gate. Got hit on my way towards it and as if things weren't bad enough yet, Lainaki went down as well and Limp's gun got blown to bits. 

I'm going to be honest, panic set in really badly at that point. I kept slamming the controls on the panel, but I couldn't figure the code out. Maybe it was the pain, or the stress, but all I managed to do was close the gate like, 25% of the way – which barely helped. Limp kept shouting helpful tips at me through the voice comms so I kept trying. Last thing I remember is the sound of a blaster shot and then the sudden sensation of sand in my mouth as I went down. 

Kopec and Limp filled us in later of what had happened while we were all KO. Limp managed to flee the scene and dragged Kopec along with him. He quickly patched him up and got him back on his feet, so they could head back to save Lainaki, Ik and me. Of course, by the time they were back, we were gone. They scouted around the hangar and found a maintenance entrance – couldn't open it. Above it was an air duct, juuuust big enough to crawl through. I'm sad that I had to miss the sight of Kopec worming himself through it. 

The airduct led to the control room of the hangar, from where they could see the entire hangar. The two droids were standing at the gate, so they had to find a way to distract them. They used the overhead speakers to shout something along the lines of "Trex wants you to get some crates from outside" and somehow that worked. Horrible programming, really. The duo ran the the light freighter, named Krayt Fang and jumped on board. 

Apparently, Lainaki, Ik and me were dumped quite unceremoniously in the main hallway. Could've been a garbage chute, we got lucky. Zachary jumped straight into the pilot seat to send the ship in a course off planet. Things went fast then, alarms started blaring as the freighter took off and as soon as it left the hangar, four TIE fighters were on our heels to take us down. Zachary ran back to help Kopec get the three sleeping beauties back to the land of the living. 

Limp had to use a stimpack on me to get me to wake up and I was really confused at first. There is something disorientating about waking up with a panicked guy standing over you, shouting at you to fix the HMRI and we're fleeing and we're being chased and here take this fix it fix it now do it nooow. Luckily, the mechanics part of my brain kicked straight into gear, I grabbed the hypermatter drive and headed towards the engine room. I managed to install it quite easily, but it would take some time before we could jump – before we could get away from the TIE fighters. 

Lainaki was doing the piloting, Ik and Zachary the shooting, I was running between doing repairs and shooting off spoof missiles to confuse the TIE fighters' hit scans and Kopec… Well, Kopec did some motivational speaking. It was rough. The ship suffered some severe damage as the TIE fighters managed to land some serious hits. At one point one of them even collided into us, I thought we were a goner. We managed to take three of the TIE fighters down between all our evasive maneuvers, it seemed like forever, but then it was finally time to jump. 

Hyperspace, the feeling of relative safety. 

I think we all sighed in relief at the same time. 

We finally properly escaped Mos Shuuta. 

And then the alarm went off. 

"Oh god, no. Not here." 

S1.0 - Journal entry - "Diary of a “medical” student"
Anna's intro campaign

1 day before D-day

Dear Diary,

I don’t know if this is how you’re supposed to start these things, but if I don’t talk to someone… to something – I feel like I’m going to explode. Tomorrow is the first day of medical school. I’m quite sure my parents already wrote the date down on the day I was freaking born. Apptacys are doctors. Always have been, always will be.

Tomorrow I’m going to take my chance. If he says no, well, then it wasn’t meant to be. Then it just means that I can’t change my destiny.


He said yes. I can’t believe it. He actually said yes. Ezradun Sharvan is going to be my mentor, already is my mentor. I’m going to become a mechanic. His workshop is small, there are thingamajings all over the place – grease too- and I love it. There’s warmth, unlike the sterile, dead environment of a doctor’s office or a clinic.

I nearly got caught by mother though. Didn’t really get the chance to clean my hands and my coat had some smudges on it too, but I managed to get past her. Sent my adrenaline levels through the roof though. Will need to be more careful in the future.

First exams

Exams are coming up soon. I should really start studying for them. I’ve attended not a single class this semester, but I have all the books and data I might need. Maybe I should ask Ezradun if I can only come in the mornings for the next few weeks, so I can start cramming. The longer I can pretend that everything is going okay at medical school, the longer I can continue learning from Ezradun in peace.  


Okay I still can’t believe it. I can’t believe it! He gave me an old – really old – swoop bike. My official, long-term project: fixing it! I’m so proud at how far I’ve already come. Choosing Ezradun as a mentor was the best decision of my life and I owe him so much. I’ll have to pay for all the parts and tools to fix it myself though. I mean, I’d expect and want nothing else, but I’ll definitely have to start planning ahead budget-wise.


Had another tricky moment today. Father asked me how the classes were going. I don’t know how, but I managed to talk myself out of that conversation by diverting the attention to mother’s cooking skills. I don’t think he’s onto me, but I’ll have to be more careful.

Second semester

Managed to make my score sheet disappear. 6 exam results that say “no show” would be too difficult to find an excuse for.


The swoop bike is beginning to look more like a bike again and less like a rusty skeleton. Running out of money though, will have to start asking mother for more. I’m sure students need their own microscopes or some other expensive things. Surely.


I’ve been an idiot. I’ve become too careless and nonchalant. Mother asked why my clothes are always so dirty and greasy. Father nearly called the university to file a complaint about the lack of cleanliness of the class rooms. Managed to steer the conversation away again, praise mother’s passion for household chores. I don’t think I’ll be able to dodge another bullet like this. My excuses are becoming more flaky by the day.

I think I died today. My heart definitely stopped beating. While I was working on the bike, -thank the stars that I was lying underneath it
father walked into the workshop. His air speeder is making too much noise apparently and Ezradun needs to fix it. Of course he noticed “the new apprentice” and wanted to meet me, the strange, inappropriate girl that shows interest in mechanics. Ezradun, proud and gentle man that he is, immediately defended me and tried to introduce me. I tried to distort my voice a bit and made up a lousy excuse of why I couldn’t come out from underneath the bike. Father fell for it. He’s an incredibly intelligent man, the only reason why my ridiculous attempt worked is because in no possible universe would father ever suspect that his daughter would be a mechanic. Never ever.

I feel the walls guarding my secret life crumbling and I am beyond scared. I am going to lose everything, it’s just a matter of time. I should start preparing for the day that it all blows up in my face

I told Ezradun everything. He was so understanding. He comforted me. I bawled my eyes out. I’d give up everything in the universe to switch my father for him.


I thought we were fine, but I feel that there is a certain tension between Ezradun and me since I told him everything. He’s more reserved and distant. I hope it goes away.  

End of the second semester

The swoop bike is looking amazing! I can’t believe how much progress I’ve made over the past ten months. I just need a few more parts – like the breaks – before it’s completely done. I’ve ordered a flashy purple paint, but the delivery is taking longer than expected. I need to find a way to thank Ezradun for this past year and show him how much this all means to me. Maybe I’ll build him something useful for in the workshop.

The aftermath

I don’t know where to start. Everything is over. Father found out. He went through my stuff while I was away. He gave me an ultimatum. I left. I stayed at Ezradun’s. Father threatened him. I fucked it all up. My life is over and my dearest friend in the world will pay for it. I can’t deal with this


I’m so tired. I’m sitting in the port, waiting for a ship that needs a mechanic. I’m going away, off-planet, so my father will no longer have to threaten Ezradun. He has cut me off from everything I ever had. Apptacys are doctors. And if they’re not, they better disappear.

I’m going to prove him wrong, I’m going to prove them all wrong. The entire universe will know the name Apptacy as the name of an amazing mechanic. I’m going to make Ezradun proud.

S1.0 - Journal entry D - "Fingers Crossed "
Zachary - 0XE46CTC

Phew, that was a close one. Fusion accelerator had sprung a leak while in hyperspace, had to tell the pilot to do an emergency pull-out, which of course caused to hyperspan modulator to break down due to the increased stress. I've had reverse the polarity on the Fluxing filter, and rejigged the tachyon-emitter tobounce the graviton particle-beam across the main
deflector dish, so the excess gamma radiation doesn't cook us inside this damn rustbucket of a ship.

I sure hope this gets us to the next port in one piece, but we certainly need an actual mechanic for this kind of Bantha drek, I'm running out of ideas and duct-tape over here…

S1.1 – Main story entry - "Escape from Mos Shuuta"– 15/12/2016
Kopec - Date unknown, Mos Shuuta spaceport

As I had feared Teemo caught up to us when we were refueling our ship and promptly kicked us off. Since he clearly wasn’t done with us yet (and we were pretty keen on keeping all our limbs where they are), we decided to make a run for it.  Well, almost everyone decided that that was the preferred course of action. While we were running I heard Ana shout something about “double backing to make sure her ‘baby’ is safe” … I really hope she got away.

Honestly, I thought we had lost Teemo’s goons when we decided get a quick drink in a local cantina to discuss what to do next.  However, I guess the group chasing us was hungry for some approval because not two minutes later a 4 or 5 Gomorrians stormed in. Luckily, the others were quick to pop off some headshots. Not a second too early though, because for some reason all of these nut jobs stormed right at me and one of them nearly took my ankle off.  Fortunately, the bartender turned out to be a reasonable man – even though Zachary suddenly lost all ability to understand sarcasm -, we just had to get rid of the bodies and he even suggested to us a way out of town. (Which was rather strange, seeing we just shot up his bar)

Apparently, a ship called Krayt Fang owned by Trex (a Transdoshan business associate of our dear friend Teemo) was docked there in Mos Shuuta for maintenance. It was quickly decided that making a play for that ship would have more chance of success than trying to retrieve our own. (we decided not to tell Ana before getting her on the ship) It had been docked for maintenance because it required a replacement part for its fancy ignitor. Starting the ship without the ignitor would prove difficult so we made our way to the local scrap dealer. 

After we got to the dealer Ik and Zachery took it upon themselves to convince him to part from it. Which suited Lainaki and I, because we got to continue our game of Hollo chess in the meanwhile and she had some time to take a look at my ankle. To our combined surprise, the two actually came back with the part (both relatively unscathed, but judging from Ik’s facial expression when Zachary mentioned his wage, I guess Ik was some credits lighter)

After retrieving the ignitor one of the guys recalled that the clamps of the ship were most likely remotely controlled from the spaceport control tower and that we still needed to locate where the ship was docked exactly. [We really didn't want a repeat of the Dantooine incident]. After scouting out the accesses to the flight control tower, Zachery was able to shed some light on the where is the ship situation after climbing to the top of a local water tower.

A bit later Ik, Lainaki and I fumbled our way to convincing the local Overseer of the space port control to release the clamps to the kraytfang. That way we could get out of there from the moment we located Ana (leaving Teemo without new toys.). But to accompany this good news, we also noticed from the main control that the local division of the Empire had decided that it was a good day to work on their tan.  

And because bad luck favours company , a squad of Stormtroopers also needed some exercise that day and decided to chase us from the moment they spotted us leave the space control tower. And boy do these guys carry some heavy weaponry. I caught one in the back and Ik & Lainaki were not a lot better off than me… The only one smiling at that point was Zachary. He was only concerned with whether the explosion could have been bigger. Oh right, explosion. Basically, Zachary saved our collective asses back then by turning the clones (…. were they still clones these days?) who were shooting at us into empire flavored broth. Surely, the empire was most pleased to know there were still more people in need of a bounty on their head… On the plus side Anna could have recognized the Zachary signature and to help find her way back to us. Cause at that point I sort of had it with that place.

Black binder entry – Woman with the stage name Star was dancing on stage in the cantina. She did not speak the native tongue but clearly wasn’t there by her own choice.  

S1.0 - Journal entry - "Lainaki's past"
Lainaki - 26 BBY_19 BBY

The Annual Apprentice Senate 9:8:35 (26 BBY, 8th month, 35th day)

As a sophomore at the legislature, I was honoured to be allowed to speak at during the debate around the main topic of this apprentice senate. I got some weird looks though. My ideas about the use of Jedis in diplomatic positions were apparently quite controversial, although the vote agreed with me: Jedi's should not be diplomats, we should! Apprentice senator Tuurguy Niondam seemed to appreciate my speech. But I do hope next year I will do better!

The Annual Apprentice Senate 10:8:35 (25 BBY, 8th month, 35th day)

Another year, another chance to rectify my mistakes of last year. People weren't as pissed off at what I said about the main topic than they were last year. The tax on trade was supported by a majority, no surprise there.
On a more interesting note, there is this girl, Daminas Tenebris, I think she likes me. I kinda like her, but something's off about her. Keeping quiet for now.

The Annual Apprentice Senate 11:8:35 (24 BBY, 8th month, 35th day, for prologue story reasons: year of the battle of Naboo)

People seemed to enjoy my proposal to send Jedi's to Naboo to report on the conditions. If the trade federation has nothing to hide this should not be a problem right? Tuurguy Niondam did not seem to agree and tried to interrupt my speech, but I think I handled it well. There was no real vote on the topic this time, too much to debate.
Daminas seems to be healthier than last year, and I'm starting to grow fond of her.

The Annual Apprentice Senate 12:9:1 (23 BBY, 9th month, 1st day)

Sanctions for the CIS, I voted yes, majority voted yes. Now that the essentials are out of the way, let's talk about why this journal entry is a day late: Daminas. I finally managed to gather my courage and knock on her door with a bottle of cheap wine. To be honest, I don't know what happened last night, but according to my lack of clothes and gain of a headache in the morning, I have a pretty good idea ;)

The Annual Apprentice Senate 13:8:35 (22 BBY, 8th month, 35th day)

Daminas, me, Tuurguy Niondam, Gaerial Donos and Vabrys Lan were the main, senior apprentice, speakers this year. The moment I finished my speech, turmoil unleashed itself in the senate. I ran to Daminas but she convinced me the vote had to be taken. So I once again took the word and was able to calm the senate down. Thank god the vote agreed on the republican army, let's hope the real senate agrees. The weaker planets really need our help against the aggression of the CIS!
Something else: Daminas has offered to help me find a job on Coruscant!! If she succeeds, we could live together!

The betrayal 16:5:23 (19 BBY, 5th month, 23rd day, canon)

I have no words for this… Chancellor Palpatine… I hope it's not as bad as I think he is, but for now, it seems to be even worse… Daminas reported me for treason since I didn't vote yes on the reformation of the republic. To vote no on the topic and disappoint Daminas was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but it was necessary, although futile in the end… Now I'm wanted by this "empire", and I will need to flee.

S1.0 - Journal entry C - " New Employment "
Zachary - 0XE46CTC

Found new employer, Bothan calling himself Ik. Claims he's from some kind of influental family. Paycheck's fat though, and he does seem to be throwing throwing creds around. [Reminder: Make sure my payment arrives on time]. Didn't have to do anything more than standing around and look menacingly up until now, and the little playing around with a defused fraggers does pull that off nicely. Still, something itches about this. Thankfully, a ship has been secured, and apparently, we're bankrolling some failed old republic academic on some kind of discovery field trip. Should keep us out of trouble. Now, off to prepare those Dune Rats I shot earlier. This one recipe with Blue Milk is supposed to make them really tender [Retr(RecC, WBM)].


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