S1.0 - Journal entry D - "Fingers Crossed "
Zachary - 0XE46CTC

Phew, that was a close one. Fusion accelerator had sprung a leak while in hyperspace, had to tell the pilot to do an emergency pull-out, which of course caused to hyperspan modulator to break down due to the increased stress. I've had reverse the polarity on the Fluxing filter, and rejigged the tachyon-emitter tobounce the graviton particle-beam across the main
deflector dish, so the excess gamma radiation doesn't cook us inside this damn rustbucket of a ship.

I sure hope this gets us to the next port in one piece, but we certainly need an actual mechanic for this kind of Bantha drek, I'm running out of ideas and duct-tape over here…

S1.1 – Main story entry - "Escape from Mos Shuuta"– 15/12/2016
Kopec - Date unknown, Mos Shuuta spaceport

As I had feared Teemo caught up to us when we were refueling our ship and promptly kicked us off. Since he clearly wasn’t done with us yet (and we were pretty keen on keeping all our limbs where they are), we decided to make a run for it.  Well, almost everyone decided that that was the preferred course of action. While we were running I heard Ana shout something about “double backing to make sure her ‘baby’ is safe” … I really hope she got away.

Honestly, I thought we had lost Teemo’s goons when we decided get a quick drink in a local cantina to discuss what to do next.  However, I guess the group chasing us was hungry for some approval because not two minutes later a 4 or 5 Gomorrians stormed in. Luckily, the others were quick to pop off some headshots. Not a second too early though, because for some reason all of these nut jobs stormed right at me and one of them nearly took my ankle off.  Fortunately, the bartender turned out to be a reasonable man – even though Zachary suddenly lost all ability to understand sarcasm -, we just had to get rid of the bodies and he even suggested to us a way out of town. (Which was rather strange, seeing we just shot up his bar)

Apparently, a ship called Krayt Fang owned by Trex (a Transdoshan business associate of our dear friend Teemo) was docked there in Mos Shuuta for maintenance. It was quickly decided that making a play for that ship would have more chance of success than trying to retrieve our own. (we decided not to tell Ana before getting her on the ship) It had been docked for maintenance because it required a replacement part for its fancy ignitor. Starting the ship without the ignitor would prove difficult so we made our way to the local scrap dealer. 

After we got to the dealer Ik and Zachery took it upon themselves to convince him to part from it. Which suited Lainaki and I, because we got to continue our game of Hollo chess in the meanwhile and she had some time to take a look at my ankle. To our combined surprise, the two actually came back with the part (both relatively unscathed, but judging from Ik’s facial expression when Zachary mentioned his wage, I guess Ik was some credits lighter)

After retrieving the ignitor one of the guys recalled that the clamps of the ship were most likely remotely controlled from the spaceport control tower and that we still needed to locate where the ship was docked exactly. [We really didn't want a repeat of the Dantooine incident]. After scouting out the accesses to the flight control tower, Zachery was able to shed some light on the where is the ship situation after climbing to the top of a local water tower.

A bit later Ik, Lainaki and I fumbled our way to convincing the local Overseer of the space port control to release the clamps to the kraytfang. That way we could get out of there from the moment we located Ana (leaving Teemo without new toys.). But to accompany this good news, we also noticed from the main control that the local division of the Empire had decided that it was a good day to work on their tan.  

And because bad luck favours company , a squad of Stormtroopers also needed some exercise that day and decided to chase us from the moment they spotted us leave the space control tower. And boy do these guys carry some heavy weaponry. I caught one in the back and Ik & Lainaki were not a lot better off than me… The only one smiling at that point was Zachary. He was only concerned with whether the explosion could have been bigger. Oh right, explosion. Basically, Zachary saved our collective asses back then by turning the clones (…. were they still clones these days?) who were shooting at us into empire flavored broth. Surely, the empire was most pleased to know there were still more people in need of a bounty on their head… On the plus side Anna could have recognized the Zachary signature and to help find her way back to us. Cause at that point I sort of had it with that place.

Black binder entry – Woman with the stage name Star was dancing on stage in the cantina. She did not speak the native tongue but clearly wasn’t there by her own choice.  

S1.0 - Journal entry - "Lainaki's past"
Lainaki - 26 BBY_19 BBY

The Annual Apprentice Senate 9:8:35 (26 BBY, 8th month, 35th day)

As a sophomore at the legislature, I was honoured to be allowed to speak at during the debate around the main topic of this apprentice senate. I got some weird looks though. My ideas about the use of Jedis in diplomatic positions were apparently quite controversial, although the vote agreed with me: Jedi's should not be diplomats, we should! Apprentice senator Tuurguy Niondam seemed to appreciate my speech. But I do hope next year I will do better!

The Annual Apprentice Senate 10:8:35 (25 BBY, 8th month, 35th day)

Another year, another chance to rectify my mistakes of last year. People weren't as pissed off at what I said about the main topic than they were last year. The tax on trade was supported by a majority, no surprise there.
On a more interesting note, there is this girl, Daminas Tenebris, I think she likes me. I kinda like her, but something's off about her. Keeping quiet for now.

The Annual Apprentice Senate 11:8:35 (24 BBY, 8th month, 35th day, for prologue story reasons: year of the battle of Naboo)

People seemed to enjoy my proposal to send Jedi's to Naboo to report on the conditions. If the trade federation has nothing to hide this should not be a problem right? Tuurguy Niondam did not seem to agree and tried to interrupt my speech, but I think I handled it well. There was no real vote on the topic this time, too much to debate.
Daminas seems to be healthier than last year, and I'm starting to grow fond of her.

The Annual Apprentice Senate 12:9:1 (23 BBY, 9th month, 1st day)

Sanctions for the CIS, I voted yes, majority voted yes. Now that the essentials are out of the way, let's talk about why this journal entry is a day late: Daminas. I finally managed to gather my courage and knock on her door with a bottle of cheap wine. To be honest, I don't know what happened last night, but according to my lack of clothes and gain of a headache in the morning, I have a pretty good idea ;)

The Annual Apprentice Senate 13:8:35 (22 BBY, 8th month, 35th day)

Daminas, me, Tuurguy Niondam, Gaerial Donos and Vabrys Lan were the main, senior apprentice, speakers this year. The moment I finished my speech, turmoil unleashed itself in the senate. I ran to Daminas but she convinced me the vote had to be taken. So I once again took the word and was able to calm the senate down. Thank god the vote agreed on the republican army, let's hope the real senate agrees. The weaker planets really need our help against the aggression of the CIS!
Something else: Daminas has offered to help me find a job on Coruscant!! If she succeeds, we could live together!

The betrayal 16:5:23 (19 BBY, 5th month, 23rd day, canon)

I have no words for this… Chancellor Palpatine… I hope it's not as bad as I think he is, but for now, it seems to be even worse… Daminas reported me for treason since I didn't vote yes on the reformation of the republic. To vote no on the topic and disappoint Daminas was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but it was necessary, although futile in the end… Now I'm wanted by this "empire", and I will need to flee.

S1.0 - Journal entry C - " New Employment "
Zachary - 0XE46CTC

Found new employer, Bothan calling himself Ik. Claims he's from some kind of influental family. Paycheck's fat though, and he does seem to be throwing throwing creds around. [Reminder: Make sure my payment arrives on time]. Didn't have to do anything more than standing around and look menacingly up until now, and the little playing around with a defused fraggers does pull that off nicely. Still, something itches about this. Thankfully, a ship has been secured, and apparently, we're bankrolling some failed old republic academic on some kind of discovery field trip. Should keep us out of trouble. Now, off to prepare those Dune Rats I shot earlier. This one recipe with Blue Milk is supposed to make them really tender [Retr(RecC, WBM)].

S1.0 - Journal entry B - "MOOOOOORMAAAAAAAAAC!!! "
Zachary - 0xE46BTC

Captain Moormac, you piece of &$&)##! you son of a '('''( &'($('!! (#&(! %'(!! ( %%$##%''! "%'#$$! &%)&! ''($!)#$$))(! "$! ()%$#'&"")! (&! )$#! &'(#*! &)&)(!$"%$'" ($'! '()%! ) (!!! !! (($(""$#! %''"&$(! ')!)! )('#! )%%$$!% ()#&) *&&! $!! $%((&)! !%%#((%$! () '' )')(! !'! ")! )&)')! '%!! &##$! '!(%)%! ((&"" $"(#$#)!)!)&(#&)()! )')#$% "("&! #"! #)!! "! ("!)$"! # '&%#("(! $"%)$'!! "%$! )))%#! '&)$! "('!% )"!'(&(%#&! I'm coming for you, you bastard, you f'@#head, and no matter where you hide or who you hide behind, I will find you! And if she isn't alive or hasn't been treated well, I'm gonna smear some special sauce around your balls and blow them to kingdom come.

S1.0 - Journal entry A - " Business as usual"
Zachary - 0xE46ATC

Last mission went quite well, not too much complications and I had the opportunity to test out some new mixtures (#B56 was quite flaccid, #B57 was satisfying to hear but less powerful than I'd hoped). [Reminder(0×4,silent): get more synthskin, I'm nearly out]. Spent some time talking to Tren Ven'neta, Nice enough chap, very chat, a bit daft though. Wants to convince me a bunch of backwater bumpkins managed to deal a significant blow to the Empire near some kind of gas giant. Hah, he'll have to come up with a better story next time. Still, nice enough chap, we even exchanged some recipes[Store(RecC): BRS-HE4-T5/S + BM1L-HE5-T10]. His bounty was quite good too, we'll probably be able to get the crew to rest for a week with this. Well, unless cap'n finds us another mission, as he always seems to do >.>


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