S1.11 - Main Story Entry - "Your Twi'lek is in another palace" - Part A

In which Zachary bows out

Dear logbook,

Today was a shit day. A real fuckstorm of a day. Oh, and I quit. Had enough, it was always out of the frying pan and into the fire, time and time again. So I'm officialy unemployed again, on the run from Teemo and going who knows where.

But you don't care about that, right, you're just here to hear the stories, to watch misery unfold. Hah, strap yourselves in, have I got the tale for you. I even managed to get the parts I wasn't involved in. Who knew that Nahossa's comm-link was turned on all the time…

So, starting where I left off. With the big ship hanging over us. Long story short, we panick jumped. And after that, tired of the commotion, I just found a place to sleep. Between two crates in the hold, cozy.

And then I wake up, and we're on Mos Shuuta, alone in the ship, commlink blaring in my ear. Shit, shouldn't have binged on that Blue Milk I found stashed away between the crates. I tuned into the chatter.

Well, fuck, apparently Kopec had gotten himself captured by Trex. And Lainaki and Nahossa ran. Can't blame them. They also split in completly different directions and still managed to end up together. Ah well.

So, we decide to meet up at one of my old haunts, and start to discuss a possible rescue plan. Well, to be honest, we discuss whether we even want to rescue him first. All in favour, reluctantly, the bastard is damn useful sometimes, for all the trouble he brings. And he did safe my life. Once. What's the stand there? 1-4, 1-5? Who cares anyway, I was getting paid for that. Well, at least I was promised pay for that. Until the Wookie pelts ofc >.>

So, the plan is relatively simple, which I like, but relies on bluffing our way past Teemo's guards, which I don't like. Lainaki buys a couple of disguises, and transforms herself into Mistress Spacerunner, a purveyor of Gladatorial meat. Nahossa dresses up as a manservant and yours truly takes on the alter-ego I had taught left behind:

"The Hand That Smashes"

groans Why did I ever come up with that >.<


So, while we were playing dress-up in the sreets of Mos Shuuta, Kopec was thrown into Teemo's gladatorial cells. There, he met several intersting personae who I'm sure all have an interesting backstory. But I only heard about the wookie. And the smuggler Pash, but he wasn't there yet.

Kopec gets all buddy-buddy with the wookie, before some guards come in and drag him out. Into the arena. There, het met our old buddy Teemo. And Trex. Mostly Trex.

Well, mostly Trex's claws.


Suprisingly enough, our disguises were good enough to get us past the two main doors and into the reception area. A sullen and bored lady at the counter listened to our introduction and told us to wait. In order to not blow our cover, as it seemed to work, we decided not to violently escalate.


Kopec wakes up, bruised and hurt in his cell. Someone has treated his wounds


In the room with us, there was a nervous wreck of a man. Nahossa went to talk with him, and figured out he was a smuggler named Pash, who lost some of the Hutt's cargo. He's been waiting for over hours now.
A Rodian doctor entered throught the front gate.
Fuck, that was Teel, dressed all fancy for doing business.
I do some quick hand-singaling in the old battle cant, and he seemed surprised. And intrigued.
Probably should not have done that, we didn't exactly part on friendly terms.
Lainaki, for some reason, decided to talk to him. He managed to convince her to let me remove my helmet, revealing my identity

The old codger merely smirked, and spouted some lines about how I'm going to get what's coming for me. Ah well, twas worth a try.

And then the receptionist called in Pash, leaving us to our waiting again.


Kopec was dragged into the arena again. Pleading for his life and use with Teemo granted little reprieve, as the Kubaz jumped into the circle of sand, to break his barely mended bones and flay his freshly bandaged skin. Unconscious again, he was dragged back towards the cells.


During the long lull of boredom, we hatched a rough plan to knock out the receptionist, and blitz through towards the cells, scooping up data along the way, based on our prior knowledge of Teemo's palace. However, fate intervened, and just as we we're about to enact this foolish display of bravery, it opened the doors to even more idiotic opportunities: the receptionist called for us to enter. Teemo was ready to receive us.

And so we walked, across the glass hallway filled with art of the slug. The mistress in front, me and Nahossa slightly behind her. Past the great doors that led into the arena/throne room. And so we presented ourselve to the Crimelord in his own den, surrounded by all manour of fine folk who wanted our hides. And as soon as Lainaki appeared in front of his fatness, you could see the slight astonishment, followed by a sadistic twinkle in his heavily-lidden eyes. Puffing from his pipe, his grossness was toying with us, suggesting to our spokeswoman that  she should put her gladiator in the ring, to test his mettle.

I obliged and jumped down, chills running through my spine, cursing my luck, cursing my incompetence, cursing my decision to join up with this band, cursing my decision to try and save the damn Twi'lek. Yes the bastard saved my life, but I've saved his twice-over by now, feck , feck, feck. 

At this point, I considered the mission a failure, we had been trapped in the den of the beast, our objective nowhere in sight. And nowhere to run, the arena only had one entrance. Or at least, nowhere to run right now. I had one shaved knuckle in a hole left. They hadn't bothered to search me for weapons, scarcely clad as I was, and my blaster was still in reach…

The heavy doors opened, and I had scarcely a moment to register I was supposed to fight a Content Not Found: Lowhhrick, before my gun was in my hand, blaster bolts blazing, and I was legging it past the guards. I could hear chaos erupt behind me, a shrill cry that sounded like it could be a human woman's. I shouted at the wookie to fight, hoping he was here against his will as well. Adrenaline couring through my veins, legs pumping, I raced across the hallway and into the cargo bay. Nahossa had followed me. Lainaki had not. The Bothan blasted the door controls, causing it to slam shut. Clever, I gave the side entrance the same treatment.

With a moment to catch our breath, Teemo's thugs banging at the closed doors, we quickly distributed tasks, trying to salvage this doomed enterprise as best as possible. Nahossa would search the warehouse and I would enter the comms chamber and see if I could find incriminating evidence. And find it I did, after tripping over the cyber-security and locking myself out of the palace's systems of course. Because I just can't have something good happen without strings being attached. I met back up with Nahossa, who found some medical aids and weapons in the lockers. With the front entrance being locked down for us, there was only one way to go: the landing pad, and hope that someone left something for us to drive there, Grand Theft Tatooine style.

And lo and behold, the fat sausage had parked his luxury yacht there. And only a single guard manning the Laser turret. I vented some of my frustration on the guard. I'm sure he'll appreciate the facial remodeling, couldn't have made him uglier in any case. 

Nerve-wracking seconds passed as we tried to get the bulky vessel running. I punched the red button, straining the boat to its breaking point as the engines groaned and huffed. But we were off the port, and into the sand-wastes.

By that time I had made my decision. Even if I survived this ordeal, my time with this band of entrepreneurs was finished. Nahossa went to sleep and I wipped up a link to Annata. We bargained, and I secured myself a ride of planet in exchange for hard evidence that Teemo was building a droid army. At first, I was hesitant to send it over fully, seeing if I could rig up a dead man's switch. But I was tired of all this Bantha drek, and in the end I just wired over everything. Yeah, I was fucked if Annata decided to screw with me, but I was way past the point of caring, exhaustion catching up with me.

It took us several more hours before we arrived at the hive of scum and villainy, and the poor boat was strained beyond reason, she might not ever fly again. I maneauvred above the nearest junkyard and rappeled down, ditching the cruise-speeder then and there. I called up Annata and got my hangar and just went aboard, done with everything. It was only when we flew to orbit that I noticed Nahossa hadn't followed me…

His decision I guess, he was the boss after all. But not my boss anymore…



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