S1.4 - Main Story Entry - "A violent interception"

Lainaki - Data unknown, Ryloth

 So there we were, flying through hyperspace on our way to Ryloth. Not the most efficient route, I know, but this allowed us all to take a well needed nap. Anna and I made ourselves comfortable in the cockpit. She fell asleep first, and seemed to be quite restless. Just like when I was <s>with</s> young, I am always the one to fall asleep last.

What a way to wake up: a barely functional hyperdrive shutting down and rattling every single bone in your body. As if I wasn’t in pain enough already… And on top of that we were welcomed by the sight of a starfighter. We all recognized the make from our time in Mos Shuuta: a kubaz ship. Teemo must have dispatched some thugs after us. I tried hailing the fighter to discover its intentions, and the filth dared to demand us to surrender. I was quick enough to enable the sub light engines and accelerate to full speed, while Anna screamed over the intercom to inform the others to prepare for an attack. While the others were scurrying around the ship, Anna even managed to temporarily get part of the shields back up! This lady really has a talent for mechanics I must admit.

Zachary and Ik fired some warning shots and Kopec joined us in the cockpit. He ripped the hailing apparatus from my hands but clearly underestimated the determination of the kubaz. Does he really think I wouldn’t have tried to reason with him if I, a trained diplomat, would deem it possible? Finally returning to his home planet must really weigh on him.

The kubaz opened fire but was as good a shot as Zachary would prove to be. After a while Ik finally got a hit on the starfighter, a powerful one they informed me later. I hadn’t noticed it since I tried to speed away. After the hit, the kubaz must have had the same idea and his blip slid to the edges of our radar.

Kopec asked us if this was the only threat. Anna, clearly a bit cranky this morning, snarled back: “Of course this was the only starfighter, you think we wouldn’t have told you if there were others?”. I was not as confident though, and decide to run a quick and hasty scan behind her back. Doing this, I overloaded the crappy sensor system of this rust bucket. Now Anna decided I was to be the second victim of her morning fury.

After she calmed down, B'ura B'an hailed his friends in Nabat and we received the coordinates of landing bay zèta. After our landing there was a little scuffle about Anna wanting to stay behind to help B'ura B'an’s mechanics. Kopec rigorously managed to convince her to stay with us and we all followed B'ura B'an into the city. Kopec has never been this strict to the crew, I suspect his return to this planet also means the return of his crave for leadership. I must keep him in check before he takes over my expedition for his own plans.

We passed by a local marketplace. Zachary declared the junk he had found within the Kryat Fang and proposed to sell it all. But when Anna heard about the astromech parts, Ik and I agreed to let her try to repair it. Ik then proposed to sell the insectoid remains he found. Well this was what pushed me over the edge. Anna’s complaining, Kopec taking things into his own hands, and now Ik and Zachary didn’t think to tell me about some alien insectoid remains? Did they forget what my expedition is all about?

After I reminded them all of my leadership and the purpose of our expeditions, we were discussing what we need to buy and what to sell. Suddenly, Kopec admitted he found 1000 credits on board the Kryat. I couldn’t believe my ears. This crew is as dysfunctional as the shields on that thing we call a ship!

At least now we finally had some cash. Zachary demanded some credits to buy himself a replacement gun. Later he came back with a stun gun and a bunch of stims. Anna found someone selling droid parts, a little overpriced nevertheless. I decided to go with her, I figured she could use a shopping companion after the rough morning she had. I helped her get the price down, only 200 credits instead of 225. But afterwards we checked the quality of the parts a little closer, and really these parts are barely worth 100 credits.

When we returned we discovered that after Ik could not find airtight container for those horrible skins, he decided to look for a tanner to finish the job. The poor man was horrified by Ik’s proposal. Who walks into a local tanner’s job asking to process the illegal skins from semi-intelligent beings? I really start to wonder if it was a smart choice to choose Ik as my investor.

After our shopping spree, B'ura B'an led us to a safe house of his people, whoever they are. There were some Twi’lek and human soldiers inside and B'ura B'an introduced us to Nyn Kablo. She thanks us for rescuing B'ura B'an, and offers us a business opportunity. If we help them with their local issues, they would help us take down Teemo. The only thing we need to do is escort B'ura B'an to New Meen. B'ura B'an’s presence in New Meen would help them resist the pressure of the thugs, who are probably serving Teemo, and keep the mine in Twi’lek control. They would provide us with a speeder to cross the desert. After a quick discussion we agreed to help them. Ik then asked if they could provide us with airtight containers and lo and behold, he finally got the bloody containers. Well, he will have them, when we return.

We received some medical attention in the safe house and all went to sleep. In the morning we would need all our strength to leave on our trip through the desert.

(author’s note: unbeknownst to Lainaki and any other members of the crew, Zachary snuck off in the middle of the night to dump the Wookie pelts into the first dumpster he found)

I had a good’s night rest this time, and it did not seem like Anna was the one who had the worst night this time. Zachary looked fatigued, I wonder what’s on his mind… After we thanked Nyn for the medical help, some militants led us through a service tunnel to the speeder. Zachary took the wheel, and off we went!

We hit some pretty rough terrain, and cliffs were rising around us. Suddenly we heard a loud bang and the speeder spun out like crazy. At least Zachary was able to minimize the spinning, but Ik was catapulted out of the speeder, landed face first in the sand quite a distance away and slid a few metres further. I hope he likes the taste of sand…

Zachary called out a cave in the bluff, with three humans, a gand and a trandoshan standing armed with blaster rifles. Zachary tells us the trandoshan is Trex. One of the humans orders us to halt and come out with our hands up, and he tries to (poorly) convince us he’s an imperial official. Kopec tells me to act like I am seriously hurt while he walks out into the open. I agree, I always liked a bit of acting. Kopec tries to negotiate with them, and when he gets close, one of the other humans cuffs him. This is when Zachary and I decided we’ve had enough and open fire. The firefight was quite dull, but I got a good hit on that ‘imperial’ guy. Oh and Anna got knocked out by a stunt weapon,  she is going to be pissed when she wakes up.

Once Zachary had killed one of the humans with a grenade, they all started retreating into the cave, and as soon as Kopec escaped from the cave, we all helped Zachary in blowing up the entrance. Zachary hurt himself, but at least we were safe again. For now…



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