S1.8-B Expense report

The following information was bought from Anatta, a shadow broker allegedly tied to Jabba the Hut:

Question Answer Cost
What do you know about a deal gone bad between Piddock and Teemo? Nothing n/a
What do you know about Sivor? (+what happened to him) Worker drone (errands and technician).

Teemo got him killed in gladitorial fight, Thwheek got the killing blow

90 + our emails
What do you know about the relationship betweenTeemo and Jabba? Teemo is from Jabba's clan but seems very ambitious. If Jabba gets concrete proof about Teemo planning a coup, he will smack him down. Anatta could deliver such proof to Jabba if we manage to get it. 60
Wat do you know about Mu Nanb ? Talked with Piddock about a huge weapons deal, might be building an army. 100
What do you know about Daminas? Daminas is the new imperial admiral assigned to this region of the outer rim. She is here to "clean up" the region… 115 (+ 45 from Lainaki's personal money)
What do you know about tha Apptacy family? They lost their daughter (Anna), she was killed by a mechanic maniac. No word about what happened to the murderer. 30
Any news about the Warran clan's leaders? A twi'lek showed up in Mos Eisley, started a brothel. 0 (60 from Kopec's personal money)




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