S1.6 - Main Story entry - "Dealing with an Ang-sty situation"

Zachary - Date unknown, Ryloth

Dear logbook,

Ya know, I don't usually write these as a diary entries anymore, or extensively curse in writing. BUT, What the fuck happened today/tonight o.O?! You know, this was supposed to be some kind of easy gig, play bodyguard for Nahosa for a bit, get some capital, lay low, stay out of the empire's sight, not get involved into more rebellious activity, have some free time,….

Yeah, like that would happen, ever. And I'm starting to doubt not just my own integrity, rotten away by my occupation as it is, but the integrity of some of my companions as well…

So, yesterday. Or more like yesternight.

It started out relatively calm, at the communal dinner-table. I came up with a plan or two while I was driving Lainaki back to New Meen and was explaining it to Kopec and Lainaki over a bowl of gruel. In the middle of the table, Anna, exhausted from these stressful days, was asleep next to her bowl of food, the Leks giving her a wide berth after what happened before. She had fallen into her soup with a loud thunk, but Lainaki was kind enough to get her out and give her a comfortable blanket. My employer was nowhere to be found, I think I last saw him, still knocked out, in some tent. Or maybe it was the speeder? B'ura B'an was sitting on the other end of the table, together with the village chief. I think he's called Usop Guru or something like that?

Anyways, after explaining that I might have taunted/convinced some of the thugs to pay us a nightly visit, and how we can turn this to our advantage, Kopec wanders over to BB and starts talking to him. Lainaki and I join a bit later, and Kopec seems to be trying to convince BB to let the miners fight. He doesn't seem too keen on the plan. A bit odd, on the way here, Kopec wouldn't stop yabbering on how much of a hero this guy's supposed to be. They agree on the fact that if the miners want to fight, they can fight, and BB will take care of those who don't. We agree on a couple of signals,  and I give the outline of the ambush plan again, this time to the chief mainly. 

Lainaki, probably bored since this is the third time she's hearing all this (and she claims to have a good memory), wandered off for a bit.

Halfway through hammering out the details, we hear a piercing shriek coming from warehouse/shack were we kept the joyriding bozos. I leapt to my feet and sprinted towards the sound. Behind me, I could hear Kopec addressing the Leks, and soon after, the rumbling of many feet. I stormed inside, saw Lainaki fending four muscleheads with a knife, and without thinking, hammered the closest one. I could feel the impact of the blow reverberating inside my arm, and he fell backwards, blood pouring from his nose.  Adrenaline pumping, I took position close to Laiks. A blink and a breath later, the miners swarmed inside. They tore up the thugs, hopped on a cocktail of fear and rage.

Dammit Kopec, I hope you can keep them under control. 

The end result was not a pretty sight. At least the crowds bloodlust seemed sated with the thugs, and we were left alone. Kopec joined us, outside, while the Leks, disturbingly, where mutilating the corpses further even starting to crucify them, and starting a party at the same time. Given their mental state, I refrained from acting. luckily, Lainaki managed to convince Kopec to convince the miners to temporarily halt their gruesome activities.

At this point, I started looking for the guns the thugs had, since we have been more or less outgunned up until this point. I found two intact blasters, and a broken one I reckon we can strip for repair parts later. Together with Kopec, we also patch up some of my wounds and do the same to our intrepid academic.

Once again, we outline the plan, and during the discussion, Kopec has a mayor falling out with mr BB. Some harsh words are exchanged, with BB claiming Kopec has turned his idyllic little mining town into the breeding ground of a bunch of murderous human-haters. Can't say I disagree, but there's something to be said for not being pushed around by any two-bit thug with a gun. Unless I'm the one doing the pushing ofc. Kopec's rethoric about freedom is dangerous though, I've heard all this shit somewhere else before >.<, and it didn't turn out well…

Anyways, we finally start on preparations. Kopec gives a rousing speech to the Leks, getting them definitely riled up for the evening. I prepare a masterful display of pyrotechnics, and Lainaki takes up position as the lookout.

A couple of hours into the night, Lainaki spots something approaching, and the plan unfolds:

- 4 Thugs "sneak" into the camp

- Lainaki is "discovered"

- Thugs run after Lainaki, to the center of the camp. Lainaki is humped by a Thug.

- Kopec reveals himself, delivers ultimatum one. He fails

- Zachary flips some switches on the Turntable. And Geoff lights up one of the thugs on the cross he is carrying.

- Magnificent explosions happen, deafening and dazzling, beauty beyond reproach.

- Kopec delivers ultimatum 2: Electric Boogaloo. Surrender or die, while the Twi'leks are closing in around the smoke screen.

- Thugs loose bladder control, try to escape, find themselves surrounded.

And so we took 4 of Ang Dromb's thugs in captivity, to replace the 4 we lost earlier. This time we take the time to strip (Lainaki, you foxy old lady), before dumping them in the warehouse together with a guard. We agreed to split guard duties over the night, and then the party broke loose, the Leks finally allowed to relax.

And then bloody Geoff stormed at us, holding a barrel of what I presume should be labeled as alcohol (it tasted like Bantha piss). Apparently Kopec had promised a drinking contest, with me as a contestant. Kopec, fuck you and fuck your bloody promises. I don't even drink. much.

Predictably, I loose, and loosen the contents of my stomach swiftly after. That's about all I can remember of the evening. That and the smell of my own puke >.>.

Apparently Kopec and Lainaki had a fight after? Something involving a bucket of piss? You know, I'm not going to judge, everyone has a kink, but seriously, don't wake me up for it.

Enough rambling, signing out,

Limp the Drunk



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