S1.12 - Main story entry - "Beyond the rim" - Part 2

To prepare for our trip to Cholganna, we decided to go to a discount textile shop. If I recall correctly it was called something like “Ze’em aan”. As the name suggests, the patron was a Twi’lek lady. We bought some cheap thermal cloaks, also to be used as tents if necessary, and a few space suits. Salvaging the Sa Nalaor. Our new recruit, Miran, tried to ask about Cholganna. I appreciate her initiative, but the Twi’lek did not provide us with any new information.
We went back to the Blasted Asteroid, and lo and behold, Jo’kol is taking his break right here and now. As expected he knows how to get to Cholganna and traverse the Nebula through which it is currently passing through. He gave me some helpful tips. He then, just as many others before him, warns us that even big game hunters don’t go there anymore because of the dangerous wildlife.
After this insightful talk with the obviously skilled pilot, we dropped by in a starship parts store: Hall’s part store. Hall turns out to be an elderly man with cybernetic hearing and eyes. After waiting in line for a while (he seems to enjoy listening to whatever his customers have to say) Miran and I got to talk to him. Nahosa told me we didn’t have any money left, especially not for spaceship parts like a better sensor array, nevertheless we tell Hall we are interested in such an array which is able to penetrate a nebula and say something offhand about the salvaging business. He gets the idea and starts talking about the “Star fog”, that’s how he calls the nebula of the Cholganna system. Recalling many other adventurers chasing this wild dream, he decides to tell us a tale in private. After closing the shop he begins.
He rambled for a while about the clone wars and stuff like that. He said something about other sightings of the ship at Troyka, Tusne and Drongar (???). Eventually, the old guy gets to the point, he has maps of various CIS space ships. We bought it at a quite steep price of 500 credits, hopefully they are worth it.
At night we decided to go out for dinner. We found an Alderanian establishment: Tasia’s Tap Café. A quaint little restaurant. Inside we ran into quite a few Alderanian refugees and Brun Brux, the Alderanian proprietor. We ordered a typical Alderanian meal, not many places where you can still get this stuff. After I left a message on his wall for the Victims of this genocide, we left for the Lucky Guess.
When arriving we got contacted by Reom’s sister Sheera. She told us their father’s droid is on its way, escorted by security personnel. She also mentions that Reom’s office was raided by Rodians. Kopec, Lawric and Miran decided to go and meet the droid on the road.
Not much later Nahosa and I hear blaster shots coming from the direction the droid would be coming from. We both decide to run their way. Miran and Kopec later told me they found five Rhodians tossing unconscious humans and a disabled protocol droid around. They take off with the protocol droid on a cargo loader. Miran jumped on another loader and chased them.  The Rhodians crashed into an R2 droid and Miran opened fire. One by one we joined the fire fight. Miran gets hit badly and ran into the Rhodians blindly slashing around with her sword.
After a while the entire sector is quarantined, giant blast doors close on all sides and the authorities appear. We surrender peacefully and they arrest us all, including the Rhodians.




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