S1.11 - Main Story Entry - "Your Twi'lek is in another palace" - Part B

Kopec - Date unknown, Tatooine - Ryloth

A little while later Teemo’s thugs came back to the gladiator quarters, dragging my neighbour along with them and throwing him back into the cell left of mine. To my utmost surprise one of the gamorreans also had a human female thrown over his shoulder and as they passed by I was shocked and saddened to see that it was Lainaki that he was carrying. She got thrown into the cell right of me. My attempts at communicating with either of them were to no avail as I would later hear that apparently several gamorreans had jumped the wookie after he knocked one of them out in the Arena and Lainaki had been hit by Teemo’s personal blaster.

Eventually though they both woke up and I asked Lainaki how the hell she got herself thrown in here beside me. Apparently, they had gotten away from Trex but had decided to get themselves into the palace to help me escape with a ruse about Zachary wanting to fight in the pit. For a brief moment even I thought that it had been Zachary who beat up my hairy comrade, but Lainaki quickly explained that that hadn’t been the case. Either way, the situation was pretty dire. I remember saying to Lainaki: “While I’m glad to see another friendly face, I must say that I never wanted you inhere my friend. Our hosts aren’t the friendliest bunch”. I showed her my broken and bruised for arms through the bars of my cell and she replied: “I promise I will get you out of here Kopec, we will get away”. She didn’t seem convinced, but at least they hadn’t broken her spirit like they broke my body. A little while later we both retired to our bunks and tried to get some sleep. That night was the roughest one yet. The drugs had left my system and my body felt like it was tearing itself apart, I could hardly move, lost feeling in my right leg, and my face felt like it would burn right through my skull. I remember not being sure whether I even had a left eye anymore. I passed in and out of consciousness, falling through darkness, seeing the faces of my tribesman screaming, and hearing the laughter of the people around the arena…

When I woke up, I checked up on my furry friend who eventually told me he name was Lowhhrick. Apparently neither Zachary or Nahossa had been brought in during the night, so they were either dead or they had escaped. I consulted with Lainaki over the next few hours in between the ‘patrols’ of the fat guard who kep shouting we should keep it down. Lainaki seemed to think that our comrades might have gotten away with some valuable intel for Annata, seeing as they must have left through the workshop (?) room, if they had gotten away in time. Lowhhrick was interested as ever in escaping and it was then that I first heard another voice in the cells: “I WANT TO COME TO!!!”. Apparently the human they brought in a bit earlier was a fella named Pash, and Lainaki had already met him the day before. We all agreed to work together when the time came, well, all except for the scum at the beginning of the hall. The Twi’lek who I had seen the days before wasn’t keen on escaping and called us all sort of names. He’d rather fuck my mother apparently than escape with us.

It was later that day when the attack happened. It all started with a big explosion which caused the entire compound to shutter on its foundation, followed with smaller explosions and the sound of gunfire closing in on our cells. At a certain point the fat guard came running through the courier only to hit the deck with a giant hole burned through his chest. I hit back in my cell, but Lainaki shouted at our unknown saviors: “Please! Please sir, release us. We will fight with you!!”. A giant armored figure (who I would later hear, was the Mandalorion, one of the most notorious bounty hunters in the outer rim) passed my cell, pausing at Lainaki’s cell and threw her the keys. Lainaki freed me and Lowhhrick, and we picked up Pash along the way. The Twi’lek didn’t seem the least bit interested in being released and threw every insult he could find our way while we left the cells. Making our way over to the workshop we encountered a giant hole where the thick metal door used to be. Inside we found our gear, along with a completely smashed workshop. The only thing still intact was the service droid who I recognized as the droid who patched me up after the two fights. Lainaki noticed a restraining bolt on the droid and after removing it, the droid seemed to ‘awake’ from a slumber. His name was 41-VEX and he had been in the service of Teemo for as long as he could remember; I offered him to join us while we made our way out of the city to our ship and he complied. In the meanwhile Lainaki had checked the other crates for valuables and our new wookie friend had found himself a Vibro axe and blaster pistol.

As we entered the great hall and made our way to the front gate I expected to see a battlefield, but what we encountered was more akin of a slaughter. Teemo’s men hadn’t stand a chance against the fire power that came through here. Amongst the bodies of Teemo’s thugs we saw several few other men bearing the mark of Jabba. It was then we realized that Zachary and Nahossa had succeeded in handing over the correct intel to Annata, who in his turn had kept his word. Jabba had learned from Teemo’s power play and had moved fast and hard to crush any sign of defiance. Looking out over the city of Mos Shuuta, we did however see a city engulfed in conflict. Blaster fire came from everywhere and the 5 of us decided to use the ally ways in order to avoid confrontation. Lainaki and Pash walked in on several of Teemo’s men however which let to them being chased for several blocks. Me, Lowhhrick and Vex had been able to stay out of trouble and we decided to go straight towards landing bay Arrek, hoping to fiend our friends there. Arriving at the landing bay we found an exhausted Pash and Lainaki, who pointed at the ship with a smile on her face. The Lucky Guess was still there and  as she looked around she said :“lets hope there are no droids around this time éh Kopec”.

At that point I heard Nahossa’s voice coming out of my pocket. I pulled my coms out of them, a little surprised they still worked, and put them on. “Kopec, Lainaki, come in! Kopec, Laina”. “Yes, Nahossa, is that you? You’re alive?!” I replied. I had never been so happy to hear our Botan friends voice. “Hell yeah I’m alive, even more so, I’m in the gladiator cells of Teemo with a squad of Jabba’s men, where the hell are you two?!”. “Well I’ll be damned, Ik, you and Zachary really came through. Me and Lanaiki and a couple of other prisoners are actually already at the Lucky guess… well euh, waiting for you guys! Where is Zachary btw, is he on coms?”.

He wasn’t on coms, he wasn’t even still on the planet, I later learned. Zachary and Nahossa had made it to Mos Eisley and had given Annata all the information he needed to proof to Jabba that Teemo was building a droid army in secret. In return Zachary had gotten a cabin, no questions asked, on a container ship leaving the system and Nahossa had received a hideout in the city. Zachary’s final words to Nahossa were apparently: “I hope you find your friends safe and sound, but I’m not getting paid nearly enough to keep risking my neck for a bunch of psycho’s. I honestly hope I don’t see any of you ever again. Farewell.” Nahossa on the other hand didn’t make his way to the appointed safe house and instead contacted Annata again to arrange a spot for him back to Mosh Shuuta. Annata was apparently in an incredibly good mood, after the information on Teemo had made him the rishest shadow broker in this part of the galaxy, and provided him a spot on a speeder back to Mosh Shuta.

On the speeder Nahossa had gathered the attention of most of the thugs, telling them that he knew the Teemo’s palace. Apparently, the hired guns were more interested in filling their pockets than in carrying out Jabba’s orders. After landing at the palace they had made their way to the Throne room where they found the Mandalorian standing on top of Teemo’s corps unloading his weapon into the hutt’s skull. The thugs quickly swarmed the surrounding rooms and quarters in the hope of finding some nice loot. Two thugs stayed with Nahossa and together they found a strongbox, which they agreed to open later out of sight of the others. While searching the cells for me and Lainaki, Nahossa contacted our coms when he didn’t find our lifeless corpses inside our open cells. After contacting us he made his way out of the palace opening the strongbox with his partners in crime. Inside they found 10.000 credits which they split fair and square; knowing good and well that any trickery by one of them would cause the other two to notify the other thugs. He bit the thugs farewell who went back to looting and made his way to the landing bay, while making a giant detour around the city.

Lowhhrick and Vex both joined us on the lucky guess as Pash eagerly took up the position of co-pilote, following the suggestion by Lainaki. In the meanwhile Nahossa asked Annata to notify Teemo’s men not to shoot at the Lucky Guess as we left the airport. We left Mosh Shuta airspace without any issues and as we looked down we saw the ruins of what had been our home for a considerable time. After that I made my way over to Lowhhrick who had taken up a spot in the container room. I thanked him for his help escaping and handed him my last stim pack I had found among my things. He initially refused, pointing to the incredibly sorry state I found myself in but I assured him that I would need quite a lot more than just a stimpack very shortly, while I gestured to my messed up face and leg. I continued by asking where he would like for us to drop him off, now that he was once again a free Wooky, assuring him that any bounty set by Teemo would be forfeit. It was at that point that Lowhhrick looked me straight into the eye as proclaimed: “I would have died in that place. You said you would get me out, and you did. I owe you my life and I will not rest until that debt  is repaid.” I was stunned, shocked… and to my own surprise speechless. I oppose slavery with all that I am, but as the same time I understood that this was something different. A life debt is a secret tradition and I would not be the one to bring dishonour to my newly found friend by refusing his service. I would spend the next few hours along my new friend, getting to know him and where he came from. Apparently, his sister and nephew were killed when a Trandoshain raiding party passed by their village a few years ago (?) and he had been sold into slavery to life and fight as a Gladiator. He became very proficient in the art of killing others and as his popularity rose, he was eventually sold to Teemo, where he had been fighting for Teemo’s enjoyment the months before we arrived.

In the meanwhile, we had entered hyperspace and Lainaki informed me that we were traveling to Ryloth and that she had had the time to get to know her co-pilote. Pash turned out to be the self-proclaimed ‘luckiest fella in the entire galaxy’. [Background story need to be written out exactly based on Jonas's notes – Grifting job – hard labour in mines – pirates – imperials kill pirates – Herrichin lets Pash go ]. Our third new companion, 41-Vex, was a medical droid who initially did not care whether we drop him of or let him stay. He only wanted to hone his skill in medicine. After a short discussion, he commented that he could learn a great deal simply from looking at my messed-up face, potentially missing eye and crushed leg. So he decided to stick around for a while. Before arriving at Ryloth we contacted Ota to inform him that the deed was done. The only problem was that after he heared that Teemo had been taken care off he hung up and even disconnected his ‘number’. Apparently the Bothan had no intention of honouring his side of the deal.

When we returned to Ryloth we were pleased to see that there was no imperial star destroyer waiting for us. We were able to land without any problems, and as we entered the city to stock up on supplies, Pash made a hard turn at the first bar we encountered, shouting something along the lines of: “off to get shitfaces fellas, please don’t forget me before you leave. I’ve got a feeling that as long as I stick around you guys, I’m gonne continue getting lucky”. Vex preferred staying on the ship, where he would try and set up a sterile environment as he was apparently very excited about ‘dealing with my face and eye situation’.  In Nabath we first made our way to the safe house in order to inform Nin and B'ura B'an that we would have to lay low for a while, and so that we wouldn’t be able to take them up on their offer to smuggle ryll from New Meen. B'ura B'an answered to door and he was equally surprised as confused when we showed up. “I see that you’ve traded in that foul mouthed no good human for some actual muscle?” as he looked at Lowhhrick. We discussed the matters at hand, and both Nin and B'ura B'an understood our situation. When I asked about New Meen I heard that the town was slowly becoming an actual low level stronghold and that no other thugs had even dared to venture near the town or attack their shipments of ryll.

In addition to informing Nin and B'ura B'an that we would be laying low for a while we asked about a rumour, that we had discussed on our way over to Ryloth. The story of the ghost treasure ship, a last remaining ship from a separatist fleet that is told to carry treasure beyond belief. Nin and B'ura B'an knew nothing about it. Nor could they inform us on the location of the Imperial Star destroyer Dark Rose, another thing that had been on our mind after leaving Tatooïne. They did however offer to restock our ship with supplies as token of their appreciation for permanently dealing with the Teemo situation. In addition they promised to keep an eye out for our friend Trex and assured us that if he would ever set foot in Nabath, he would not leave the city alive. As we left I made sure to follow the ancient Twi’lekian customs that are appropriate when saying goodbye to tribesmen before periods of long absence.

Back in the inner city Lainaki gathered information on the separatist ship any way she could. Later on the ship she told us of this old Twi’lek who kept talking in riddles only to scam her out of 5 credits, but who did give her the name of the ship: “Sa Nalaor”. She then used this name to call upon one of the contacts we met at the Duke’s party a few days earlier. [Info from Jonas … ] In the meanwhile I, Lowhhrick and Nahossa made our way to the market place where we traded in a blaster pistol with 600 extra credits for a heavy blaster. A terrible deal in my opinion, but in all fairness, me and Nahossa constantly interrupting eachother didn’t aid our bargaining position. On our way to the ship, I left a brief note on the notice board addressing the collective that thanks to Kopec's efforts droid 41-VEX was now free. We all met up at the ship, where we went looking for Pash. When we entered the bar we encountered a very happy Pash who couldn’t wait to join us “ON THE HUNT FOR THE GHOST TREASHURE SHIP”………. Yeaaahh, well. I convinced Nahossa to let Pash pick out a bottle of the best liquor so we could celebrate later on the ship.

Back on the lucky guess, we each enjoyed a lucky Martini. Which turned out to be a martini, with a parasol on top!



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