S1.11 - Journal entry - "Scars and broken bones"

Suddenly Kopec finds himself in that arena again, face to face with Trex. This time he tries to get away; he starts running and tries to get up the walls of the pit. But the stones offer little grip and before he knows it he feels the pain of razor sharp claws opening the flesh on his back. The crowd laughs, Teemo laughs, Trex laughs…. And then he hears crying, a voice he remembers. Amatseri. 

He turns around and suddenly the arena is gone, and all he sees is her tiny broken body kneeling besides her slayed husband. Then Geoff turns to him and says:"You did this to me". The image fades and suddenly he finds himself walking through the streets of his old village. Cold. Dark. Empty and abandoned. The only person standing in the middle of the road is Sila'aran, covered in blood, he turns around and looks at Kopec:"Only strength can protect the ones you love Kopec'aran. You should have listened." 

At that point he feels a cruching pain in his right knee, as he looks up he sees Tweek with a maniacal grin on his face: "Gooodzzz luk ever warking on thzzat again". Filled with hatred and rage Kopec charges at him.

He wakes up to the sound of every piece of equipment on the trays around him stuttering, and falls off the improvised field that 41-VEX had prepared for him in a secluded space of the cargo room. Knifes, injectors, bandages and stims are spread around on the floor as he looks around for his walking stick. "What in gods name is happening to me?" he mutters… 



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