S1.10 - Main Story Entry - "Return to Mos Shuuta" - Part 1 - The Twist

Orpa - Date unknown, Geonosis - outer space

Orpa pulled the ship off the surface of Geonosis, a black burn next to the main entry door, a leftover from the what appeared to be a boarding skirmish of the new guests.
The Geonosean desert wastelands grew smaller and Orpa's brother turned around to the cockpit entrance to meet the new guests. The droid merchants. Wrex greeted them enthusiastically.
They seem to be friendly people and Piddock paid a nice extra to take them with us. Orpa felt a little more confident for the rest of the journey.

Suddenly the scanner started beeping. Wrex looked up and stated that a big ship was coming. A star destroyer came nearby. The light from the intercom flickered when a transmission message came in from the ship.
A cool, professional voice: 'This is star destroyer Darkrose, representing the Galactic Empire. Pease send us your flight records and wait for permission to leave before proceeding.'
A routine check. Luckily her brother and she recently made sure that they were officially licensed merchants. Orpa sent the data to the destroyer and looked at the guests. 'You are not in the flight records of course. Star destroyers typically have a life scanner, so this could get a little bit annoying. Don't worry though, I'm sure they run into situations like this all the time, they 'll probably just do a routine check.'
The female droid merchant did not seem confident. Her face was white as a sheet of paper and she was typing maniacally typing on the hyperspace planning computer. 'Are you ok?' Orpa asked.
The voice from the destroyer was back: 'Your records mention only two people aboard. Is that information correct?' Orpa started apologizing: 'We do have some extra passengers. The records may not be fully up-to-date. Times are harsh, and we need to make some money to make a living.'
That should do it. The voice responded, slightly annoyed: 'Right. Please state the names and occupancies of the other travelers.' Orpa answered: 'They sell droid parts, we have one male, his name is…' Suddenly the panicking women rushed forward, threw Orpa aside and pulled the hyperspace lever.

Orpa was shocked, 'No!', she shrieked. She wrestled with the woman, who was surprisingly determined to hold down the lever. Eventually, she managed to push her off the dashboard and flip the hyperspace lever. Ryloth nor the space destroyer seemed to be anywhere near. A giant asteroid was however, coming closer alarmingly fast. Orpa grabbed the steering bat and avoided the impending doom effortlessly.
She looked around and saw no more threats outside of the ship. Time to deal with those on the inside. She turned around and looked at the trembling woman on the floor. 'Why did you do that? Why did you run? It was just a routine check.'
The woman replied: 'There are people on that ship who search us, they would have recognized us. Thinks could go very bad. I saved us'.
Orpa was furious: 'You saved us!' She looked at her brother. Wrex looked defeated: 'We sent them our records, they know us. We're on their wanted list now. Our life as merchants is over. We're outcasts now.'
Orpa added: 'We cannot even deliver our goods now, they know where we were going. So long our standing with Piddock. You saved us! Idiots, they look for millions of people, they would have never recognized you, you’re not that special.'
The woman stood up from the floor: 'Now I remember, I do have a disguise kit, maybe I shouldn't have pulled the lever'
'Maybe!' Orpa ran away in anger to the sleeping rooms.

She ran to her bed room. Time to think about the future. She thought about her brother, poor guy. He didn't deserve to end up like this. Their life never had been a walk through the park though, they would make it through. She had some contacts in Ryloth, maybe they know a way to fix this. But first some sleep. She started undressing herself, when suddenly the door opened and a Bothan was looking at her with wide open eyes.
'Get out!' she yelled. The door closed and she could hear him leaving while talking to her brother, their voices dying out slowly. Suddenly Wrex yelled: 'Mutiny!'
No! This cannot be true! She jumped out of her bed and locked the door. After a while she heard voices at the other side. 'Come out.' the crazy woman said. 'We have your brother!'
'I have a gun' Orpa shouted as confidently as she could. She had nothing.
'I have killed people before'. A bleating Bothan voice.

The Twi'Lek started reasoning: 'Listen Orpa, if you tell the Empire representatives that we forcefully took your ship from you and that we were the ones that ran away, you will no longer be searched for. You and your brother’s name will be completely clean. You can gain nothing by hiding in there. If you surrender however, we will put your brother and you in an escape pod and we'll make sure that someone picks you up.'
He was right. Orpa sighed deeply and opened the door. Her brother and she were indeed guided to an escape pod. 'One day you will thank us for this', the woman said. 'And we'll make sure that you get a new ship', the Twi'lek added. He threw some food in the escape pod. 'Yeah, you can count on us, definitely', the Bothan added. He pressed the pod's escape button and quickly winked before the doors closed and the pod was ejected into outer space.



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