S1.10-B Sound recording for Admiral Tenebris by Lainaki

Hi Sweety,
I heard you made Admiral? Admiral Tenebris… Has a nice ring to it I have to admit!
Well, it seems like you almost had me there…
But don't worry, I left a little present for you to remember me.    
Oh, and looove your ship's name!

[coordinates of escape pod embedded in message]

Translation for those having trouble understanding women ;) or my sarcasm
(overall tone of the message is overly cheerful, which Daminas really hates)

Hi craziest ex-girlfriend ever,
I am very disappointed with your carreer choices.
Thank god I was able to launch this freighter into hyperdrive!
I left two good people behind whose life I just destroyed by running away from you. I feel really guilty but at least your attention will be diverted away from Tatooine.
Damn, U crazy girl! Just get over me already! Although I might perhaps still miss you…



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