S1.0 - Journal entry C - " New Employment "

Zachary - 0XE46CTC

Found new employer, Bothan calling himself Ik. Claims he's from some kind of influental family. Paycheck's fat though, and he does seem to be throwing throwing creds around. [Reminder: Make sure my payment arrives on time]. Didn't have to do anything more than standing around and look menacingly up until now, and the little playing around with a defused fraggers does pull that off nicely. Still, something itches about this. Thankfully, a ship has been secured, and apparently, we're bankrolling some failed old republic academic on some kind of discovery field trip. Should keep us out of trouble. Now, off to prepare those Dune Rats I shot earlier. This one recipe with Blue Milk is supposed to make them really tender [Retr(RecC, WBM)].



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