S1.0 - Journal entry A - " Business as usual"

Zachary - 0xE46ATC

Last mission went quite well, not too much complications and I had the opportunity to test out some new mixtures (#B56 was quite flaccid, #B57 was satisfying to hear but less powerful than I'd hoped). [Reminder(0×4,silent): get more synthskin, I'm nearly out]. Spent some time talking to Tren Ven'neta, Nice enough chap, very chat, a bit daft though. Wants to convince me a bunch of backwater bumpkins managed to deal a significant blow to the Empire near some kind of gas giant. Hah, he'll have to come up with a better story next time. Still, nice enough chap, we even exchanged some recipes[Store(RecC): BRS-HE4-T5/S + BM1L-HE5-T10]. His bounty was quite good too, we'll probably be able to get the crew to rest for a week with this. Well, unless cap'n finds us another mission, as he always seems to do >.>



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