S1.7 - Main Story entry - "The good, the bad, and the hangover"

Lainaki - Date unknown, Ryloth

That damn Twi’lek… A bucket of piss, really? He really thinks he’s the man now we’re on his home planet. Sometimes I wish I left him in the desert. He didn’t get me though, but I did get him! He will be smelling like piss all day. I guess it’s up to me to take the guard for the rest of the night after all.

The other Twi’lek were having the time of their lives, partying all night long. The ones we asked to guard the prisoners even left their post to join the party. But this time I made sure we stripped them of everything and tightened the ropes quite well.

Zachary was the first one to wake up, out of the entire village. He found some food, checked on the thugs and decided to take on the guard for the rest of the morning. As long as the village was sleeping, someone had to be on guard.  Before leaving we discussed that we won’t be attacking Ang Dromb’s hideout today. With all those hangovers, it wouldn’t bode well. Now I don’t really have anything to do, so I did a quick check of the status of that crane we ‘acquired’.

One of the first Twi’lek who woke up was Geoff. I engaged with him in some small talk, congratulating him on his victory in last night’s drinking competition between him and Zachary. Geoff tells me he’d like to have another competition. Well, he said: “GEOFF WANNA PLAY AGAIN”. Zachary interrupted by telling Geoff that Kopec is a much better drinker. Geoff picked up the nearest barrel of booze and stomped off to the tents.

Afterwards, we heard Geoff had found Kopec in the sand showers. Sadly, Kopec managed to convince Geoff that a drinking competition with him would not be fun since Geoff would win anyways.

Zachary decided to go ‘talk’ with the thugs. I was not that interested in seeing naked men so I decided to go practice with the new blaster pistol we took from those thugs. He didn’t have any success getting information out of them anyway.

So then it happened again: B’ura B’an and Kopec had another ‘debate’. I guess that happened in the sand showers as well. The entire village could hear them ‘expressing their arguments’. It was an interesting topic though. B’ura B’an wanted our spare guns to distribute them among his people. Kopec didn’t seem to like that for some obscure reasons. It reminded me of the debate with the apprentice legislature years ago, about the Military Creation Act. While they were having their little fight, I asked some villagers if they wanted to try to shoot these blasters as well. I guess B’ura B’an isn’t that big of an idol we thought, even when they can hear him shout “Give my people some damn blasters!” they still didn’t accept my offer. Except for Geoff, but I tried to make him promise to listen to me and apparently he doesn’t like authority… Aametseri, his wife, did manage to calm him down. But I think I might have scared her when trying to explain what happened.

I decided to take matters into my own hands that afternoon. Zachary and I approached B’ura B’an with the offer of some blasters if we can train the Twi’lek in using them as well. He eagerly accepted and 5 minutes later the entire town was lined up ready for training. Zachary proved to be an excellent tutor (I’m starting to like this guy) and after a while, some of the people started to hit their targets, once in a while that is.

Should have kept someone on guard duty though, late in the afternoon three construction vehicles approached the village. I ran to Kopec, who was apparently sleeping, and still naked, against a rock. Zachary selected the four best gunners, but the other Twi’lek start panicking when Ang Dromb got out of his vehicle and started shouting threats through a megaphone. B’ura B’an managed to calm his people down and took them all to the mine, where Kopec joined them a little later, finally clothed (but still stinking of piss).

Ang Dromb gave us five minutes to give ourselves up, more than enough time to prepare our defences. After those five minutes, the vehicles started moving into the village. The steamroller passed near me and I opened fire on the driver. Meanwhile, Kopec managed to convince the Twil’ek to fight. They split up into two groups, one of which joined me. The other group went with Kopec to the opposite side of the village, while Zachary was in the middle, all on his own.

By the time the Twi’lek arrived at my location, I had disabled the driver already. Sadly, two other thugs on the steamroller had returned fire and hit my leg real bad. I can take it though, I’m not a whiner like Kopec. Zachary managed to disable the bulldozer driver as well, the vehicle closest to Kopec’s side of the village. With the help of the Twi’lek, it didn’t take long to take down the other two thugs on the steamroller. We did hear some scream from a Twi’lek on the other side of the village.

Zachary decided it was time to take out the loading truck, the middle vehicle occupied by Ang Dromb. He threw a grenade straight into the trailer itself. Ang Dromb was very pissed about this and took out a repeating blaster rifle. He unloaded on the angry mob of Twi’leks near Kopec. I will never forget what I heard next. “GEOFF IS KILLING BAAAAAH!!” I will miss this guy for sure…

Zachary then came up with this genius idea to push the unload button so Ang Dromb would be thrown out of the back of the vehicle. (I really though I saw him trying to climb into the trailer himself though, so perhaps the unloading wasn’t planned?) Ang Dromb had a pop at Zachary with his repeating blaster before succumbing under the fire of the Twi’leks. I think I saw Ougid'nahuk getting the killing shot. The last two thugs quickly left the scene, while we all grouped around Geoff’s body (except maybe one or two Twi’lek who stood around the other dead body).



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