S1.6-B Info Dump

All the info from session 1.6, including the parts Zachary talked little about, with some bonus smut wishfiction from your boy Kopec at the end.

cliff notes only for now, Twi'lek names are butchered for ease of writing till the rewrite

Plans are being talked over dinner, Bouraban and chief sit on one side, Kopec and his two stooges on the other end. Anna is a void in the middle, asleep next to a bowl of soup

// Anna's face was in the soup

Kopec joins Bouraban and talks

Kopec tries to convince Bouraban to let the Twi'leks fight.
They agree that BB will escort the Twi'leks that don't want to fight and keep them safe.
They also agree that the "ok" sign is 2 flares

Limp explains the plan in detail(Plan A)

Lainaki goes to check on the captives

Lainaki is ambushed and gets assaulted, screams.

Kopec picks up the screams, whips crowd into bloodthirsty frenzy

Limp sprints to Lainaki 's sides, sucker punches a thug, killing him. (Nosebone in head)

Mob of angry Twi'leks  flows into the warehouse and beat the remaining 3 thugs into bloody pulp.

Crucifexes are raised

Kopec calms the crowd and explain that a lot more fighting will have to be done over the night. But that those that want to get to safety can do so, escorted by BB.

Zachary scavenges for guns, finding 2 intact pistols and 1 broken.
Zachary and Lainaki get fixed up with the help of Kopec. (medpack)

Plans are discussed again, miners start to party.

Bouraban and Kopec have a falling out, honeymoon's over.
Kopec went there to say that all the Twi'leks agreed to stay and BB is mad about what kopec turned his village into (a blood thirsty mob). Kopec agrues that at least now the village doesn't let other push them around etc. [It's better to die fighting as a free Twi'lek, than to live oppressed] BB argues that there was no killing up untill Kopec showed up.

Chief stops the party, and calls everyone together

Kopec gives a rousing speech. Promises a big party afterwards but explains that the drinking now could cause trouble during the night (~ example of Ougid'nahuk). promises drinking vs Zachery with reward of 30 credits

Zachary explains the plan to the workers, a bit less rousing. But gives a final toast

Lainaki is set on lookout, Zachary prepares the explosives and Kopec directs the workers.

(editor note: The plan shall henceforth be called Triple Destiny, for we manage to roll Destiny on each of our preparations.)

Lainaki spots lights and gets an estimate on how long we have.

4 Thugs "sneak" into the camp

Lainaki is "discovered"

Thugs run after Lainaki, to the centre of the camp. Lainaki is humped by a Thug.

Kopec reveals himself, delivers ultimatim one. He fails

Zachary flips some switches on the Turntable. And Geoff lights up one of the thugs on the cross he is carrying

Explosions to make Michael Bay proud happen, they're as laud and empty of substance as his works.

Kopec delivers ultimatum 2: Electric Boogaloo. Surrender or die (Twi'leks are closing in around the smoke screen)

Thugs loose bladder control, try to escape, find themselves surrounded.

4 new captives, yeah :D, now to level them by making them fight other trainers :p.

Thugs are stripped by Lainaki, the dirty old foxy lady.

Leks start to party again.

Prisoners are sent to warehouse with a Lek guard (no way this can go wrong)

Zachery, Lainaki and Kopec agree to alternate guard duty so everyone can get some sleep.

But Geoff reminded them that a drinking contest was promised. Zachary is forced into a drinking contest with Geoff, can't hold his liqour, and goes to sleep.

Lainaki then states that they shall split the watch duty (50/50), but changes her mind a bit later stating that Kopec should stay up the entire night; and not wake her at all. Not even after 2/3 of the night.

Kopec tries to wake up Lainaki after 2/3 of the night but she refuses multiple times, stating he should take the entire watch. Kopec finds a 'chamber' pop nearby and walks over to Lainaki and asks her again to wake up. In the end Lainaki does say she will wake up and Kopec leaves the chamber pop in front of her tent.

Lainaki stumbles and kicks over the chamberpot into the sand. She's furious, finds another, runs to kopec's tent and dumps it on him.

Kopec is forced to spend the rest of the night cleaning himself in the improvised ""shower""; and doesn't get any sleep.

//Start Kopec fancfiction
In the morning Kopec riles up the Twi'leks, telling them about how Lainaki offered Ang'Dromb her services in cleaning out New Meen. The angry and (hung over) mob runs to Lainaki's tent and eventually skin and lynch her. Then, Bur'a'ban comes over to apologize for his earlier behaviour and gives Kopec the most amazing blowjob ever. Then Geoff joins in with his drill, mining Kopec's sacred, hidden cave, all night loooooong.
//End Kopec fanfiction

Lek names
R'Thuur = Twi'lek that Kopec talked to in the mines (capable, level headed)
Uus'opguruz = chief of the town, if BB isn't there
Ougid'nahuk = Twi'lek with wooden leg used as example of not do operate heavy machinery when drunk



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